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The hook

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You prowl around me as I stand fully naked, legs apart so my glistening pussy is on show. My hands tied together in front of me.
I stand tall as you inspect me, my heart pounding with anticipation.
You trail your hand across the curve at the base of my back, I shudder slightly from nerves, goosebumps appearing where you hand once was.
Your hand leaves my body and grabs my hair at the base of my neck.  You push me towards the wall. 'Hands up slut' you tell me and hook my wrist restraints to a large metal hook in the wall just above my head.
I know the drill, my bratty self has got me into this situation before. You grab my hips and pull me away from the wall so my ass is sticking out and I have nothing to hold except the hook.
I feel your hands at the bottom of my neck, one fingers carelessly tracing my shoulder blades.
'Make me, is what I recall you saying to me. Am I correct? You ask me calmly
'Yes sir' I reply meekly as I look down at the floor.
'Do you think that's good manners slut?'
'No sir' I whisper back
'No sir' You mock me back.
You dig your nail into my back making me flinch and gasp as i feel a sharp pain. My head lifting up and rolling back, now looking up.
You keep it dug in and drag it down my back, a single red mark leaving a trail. I hold my breath my eyes locked on the hook to kerp my brain focused until you stop. I let out a long breath, my back stinging.
'Mmm' you moan in my ear gently 'that one drew blood. My nails must be sharp this evening. Wouldn't you agree?'
'Yes sir' I quietly reply.

I listen to you moving around the room, wondering what weapon your going to use on me. The cane still scares me but I don't think I've been bratty enough for that...I hope. I gulp at the thought, swallowing the collecting saliva in my mouth.
I feel you return to the side of me. I hold my gaze on the hook in front of me.
You trail the flogger's tails over my back, the soft leather tickling slightly. My breathing hitches. I'm filled with relief it's not the cane but dread and anticipation at the sharp and dull pain I know I'll be receiving. No pleasure to help me ride it out. Not when I'm in punishment.

I jump as I hear the flogger thwack, my body tense ready for the impact that didn't come. Instead you stroke the flogger over my back. I flinch at the touch, expecting harder. I know you will be smiling, enjoying the mental torment you are giving me.
I continue to stare at the hook, it's dulled metal just catching the light, adding a small shine. My breathing and heartbeat slowing down. The thwack comes again but I feel a sharp pain shoot across the top of my thighs, radiating down my legs. My toes dig into the carpet and my fingers curl around the hook. My whole body rigid. I let out a yelp before breathing out the words 'fuck sir'
'Four more' you whisper in my ear.
'Yes sir' I reply. Already bracing my body.
Instead you trail your fingers over my shoulder to the base of my neck and then other shoulder. You gentle touch making me relax. Thwack, the pain shoots down my legs again, the stinging worse on the fresh senstive skin.  I cry out.  I watch the hook as my body automatically reacts. My fingers gripping onto it. My knuckles white. I force them to relax, them turning pink again.
Thwack....the stinging becoming more instense, as a dull ache starts to weigh in on my thighs. I cry out again, tears filling my eyes 'owww' I whimper as the stinging starts to subside. I continue to look at the hook. It becoming less blurry as I blink the tears away. 2 more, 2 more, 2 more I repeat to myself, a little mantra as I force my breathing to slow down.
Thwack. My legs lock as the sting becomes unbearable, my back arching instead, needing to release the energy radiating through my thighs. 'Fuck' i growl out through gritted teeth.  My eyes holding onto the hook, whilst a tear rolls down my cheek.
Thwack!   The sadistic nature in you gives me all your strength for my last one. The stinging and dull ache become too much and my legs give way. I cry out again. The pain my body is feeling being mimicked in my voice. My body now flush against the wall   I don't look at the hook, I know it's there, holding me up. My hands gripping onto the restraints.
My thighs are burning, heat radiating down and around my ass. I'm sobbing gently to myself, tears falling from my eyes.
I feel your hand gently release my wrists, as your other holds onto my waist. With my wrists released I let my body fall into you, we sink to the floor,  my body curled up on your knee.
You kiss my forehead and wipe away from tears, gently shushing me, your lips by my ear.
My fingers curl up, gripping your t-shirt.
'Good girl' you tell me 'you took that beautifully'
'Thank you sir' I smile as I close my eyes, sinking into you
Beautifully written.
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