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Better mood (Subslut Gina)


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Daddy had been working really hard for months on a business deal. It feels through and he was pissed. 

He came home, barely acknowledged me and went to go take a shower. A few minutes later I went into the bathroom and stripped down. He didn't invite me in.

The glass doors were steamed up and he was just letting the wanted pour down on him.

I got into the shower and wrapped my arms around him.

I got on my knees and sucked him. Getting him hard and swollen in my mouth. I worked him hard and face. Fucking my face on his cock.

I got behind him and stuck my tongue in his ass. 

I ate his ass from behind and stroked his cock.

He was grinding his hips back and forth. 

I buried my tongue deep in his ass while I gripped his cock and squeezed it.

Fuck Gina he moaned

I put my tongue deeper in his ass and stroked harder and faster.

Uuhhh. He moaned.

He shot him cum all over the glass shower doors.

I sucked out the rest of his cum from his throbbing cocks, then licked his Daddy juice off the glass doors.

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