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The loneliness of a long distance lover

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To those that wear their heart on their sleeve

I say..
Beware the folly of blurring reality and fantasy.
As a long distance relationship can flatter to deceive
You think you're special, but it's a dream you weave.

You share your life in incredible detail
You risk all you have for a glimmer of her attention.
And sneak a peak at your phone for a loving mention.
Oh the bliss of a late good night sweet kiss .

One day you WAKE UP and it's nothing..just nothing.

Her Sir thinks it's a good idea for her to be exclusive
Once again you are left to grieve.

Strike three . A divorce and two online lovers you've never met.

Why?  All  'cos a stranger thinks you might be a threat
"oh yes I'm so sorry. I'm filled with regret
But you'll be ok ..won't you, my pet "?

Well frankly no.

Strike three. It's time for me to go.

If anyone wants to save me from just a tad bitter
I'm sure not a low life critter
But it really does give me the hump
when a women I've not even met
But invested in hugely
Gives me the dump.

Rescue this delicious English gentleman
from serial disappointment of long distance play pal lament.
No matter how sincere caring witty and entertaining
I've learned I just can't compete although I'm heaven sent
with even a surly oaf who can deliver a slap
when I'm too far away for even a discreet meet
or a stolen flirtatious chat and virtual nightcap.

I'm positive and promise not to moan.
Please be local ideally, or at least in my own fucking time zone.

I love this, thank you for everything you write. I really enjoy reading them 🤗
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