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Just chat right. Not like we're doing anything wrong!

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Hey. I know, it's late. I just wanted to talk to you. No, everything's fine. I just couldn't sleep, and I thought...maybe you might be up. I know I shouldn't be calling you, but I'm all alone, and you know how I get. I can't stop thinking, and you always know how to quiet my brain. And besides...I missed you.

No, I know what you said before. And don't worry. I get why we can't see each other anymore. With the way things tend to just...happen...whenever we are together. I know. But I just want to talk. There's nothing wrong with just talking. Right?

Wait, is she there with you now? Oh. So, she's asleep. Huh, let me guess. You're sitting on your couch, not really watching anything. Looking at the same options, but never making a choice. Right? Just passing the time, cause you can't sleep.

Because I know you, that's why. I always know you. So, how about I keep you company? It's been a little bit since we've talked. I can help you pass the time, and maybe you can ease my mind a little bit in the process.

Well, who says she has to know. I mean, there isn't anything wrong with talking to a friend. We aren't breaking any rules or anything. Just a friend keeping another friend company. No reason to worry her about a perfectly innocent conversation.

What do you mean I can't just have an innocent conversation? What's that supposed to mean?

I do not. Just because every time we've seen each other in the past we ended up having sex, doesn't mean a phone conversation is going to end the same way. I do have some self control you know. And you make it sound like it's all my fault. If anything, we both are at fault. We both can't help ourselves. Every time we are alone. I don't know why. It just...happens. Nobody plans it.

Like last time. We just happened to cross paths. I didn't even know you were going to be at that party, but you ended up giving me a ride home that night. Neither of us was planning on anything as far as I can tell. We talked the whole ride. It felt...just so comfortable. Then we pulled up outside my place, and...I don't know what happened. We didn't even make it out of the car. One moment we're saying goodnight, the next we're in your back seat and I'm moaning your name. (Giggle) That was a pretty good night.

What? I am not. I'm just reminiscing. It's not my fault most of our memories involve us fucking. I can talk about other things. But, what's the fun in that? (Giggle)

Oh, come on. I'm just joking.

You think you know me so well, don't you. For all you know, I'm sitting in my livingroom too, wearing comfy pajamas, and watching Netflix. Then again.... I could be laying on my bed, wearing nothing but a black lace thong, sliding my fingers underneath and slowly...mmmmmm...rubbing my pussy.
Hehe, I'm just teasing... or am I?

Oh, I know I'm bad. I can't help but enjoy teasing you. I don't know why. Maybe I just like the thought of making your cock hard. (Giggle) Maybe I want to turn you on so much that you just can't help but...handle things yourself.

Well, would that be so bad? I mean, it's not like you are touching me. Eventhough, that might be what I really want. It has been so long since I felt your hands on my body. But, like I said, we're just talking. There's no harm in a little...(soft seductive sigh) conversation. Right? And if I can't help what your voice does to me...mmmmm... that's not your fault. You can't control what I do. (Sigh) At least.. not from all the way over there.

Just like if you were to pull out that big...hard cock and slowly start stroking it...mmmmmm...that wouldn't be my fault. Would it? If you couldn't help but run your hand up and down your shaft...(breathing heavily)... it's not like you're thinking about me. Wishing that it were my lips wrapped around your cock as it slides in and out of my mouth. (Groan)

If you were though, I would say that I do miss the feeling of your hard cock in my mouth. Just the thought of running my tongue in circles over your head before sliding my lips down to the base. (Moaning sigh)

No...what would make you think that. (Giggle) Okay, fine. And what's wrong with that. You are too. (Giggle) Oh, because I know how you sound. I can almost see it. You slowly stroking your cock, straining not to make a sound. You're stroking it for me, aren't you baby. Don't try to deny it.

You're pumping your fist gripping tightly on that cock. And you're imagining it's my lips gripping you, aren't you. Which are you picturing? My hot little mouth, or my tight little pussy? Yeah? You want my pussy baby?

I want you to get your hand nice and slick for me baby. Okay? Now wrap those fingers around that hard cock. Yeah. Don't start stroking again yet. I want you to make long...slow strokes in time with me. Okay baby? And I want you to picture my pussy gripping your cock as it slides in and out of me. Mmmmmm...You ready baby?

Does that feel good baby? Mmmmmm. I'm fucking myself with my fingers, just wishing it was your hard cock buried deep inside of me. Now, stroke a little faster baby. Yeah. Stroke it for me. Think about this pussy. How bad you want it. (Groan)

Oh god, I want it so bad. Keep going baby. Faster. Yeah. Pump that cock for me. Mmmmm. I'm rubbing my clit now baby. Yeah. God, it feel so fucking good.

I want you to cum with me baby. Yeah. I want you to cum so fucking hard. Stroke it faster baby. Yeah. Imagine you're pounding this pussy. Faster. Oh god. Are you close? Oh fuck, are you gonna cum? Cum with me baby. Oh...

(very vocal orgasm)

(Catching breath)
Huh... Well...(sigh of relief)

I guess you were right. I guess we can't have an innocent conversation.

It's like I said (Giggle) things just...happen. Oh well. Neither of us really are all that innocent anyway. But that's okay. Don't worry. Your secret's safe with me.


Well, I think that's just what we needed. I think now we both can get some sleep. Maybe I'll call you again tomorrow night. (Giggle) Keep you company? I know you always have such trouble sleeping.

Talk to you later. Goodnight baby.

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