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Been doing a good amount of viewing different & new fetish’s; call it research 😂

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So as I was saying. Lately I’ve been watching a lot of fun and new fetish’s that are “trending” with people today & I gotta say that lately I’ve been completely enthralled with bareback gloryhole creampie & extreme gaping. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’ve decided that I really want to do this badly!!! No longer a curiosity but somehow it has evolved into a obsession to experience! I’m not sure how to begin or more importantly, where I can actually find a gloryhole. Does anyone know where or how I might go about beginning finding one? I’m also curious about what everyone is watching, participating, & getting off to lately. Hit me back with some chatter on the subject and let’s get the conversation going. Somebody has to have some advice to offer 🤞🏻 


While I think porn is a method of finding ideas that are new and interesting to you - there's always a lot worth considering - that no matter how authentic something is, there's usually experienced people involved.  

I actually just woke up this morning to my sexual health results - all clear - and getting tested regularly and knowing the other person is being tested regularly is a big part of it - but, then, also there's still those who just wouldn't do bareback and, of course, those coerced into it due to the current state of the industry : tube sites and free/stolen content has contributed to more people doing activities they might not normally have done and for less money.

This is important to the next part.

You are going to find this difficult to fulfil.  But, perhaps that's OK - a fantasy can exist solely in your head as something to get off on.

Glory holes exist.  But, for the best part... the easiest ones to find are in swinger/sex clubs - many enforce the use of condoms though.  Of course, a lot of this is to protect themselves, there's no one creeping around corners making sure consenting adults are using one, but certainly you'd struggle to have a case if you caught an STI because their rules are you should be wearing one.  But, this also relies on someone else also consenting to the scenario and willing to take the risk.

Public glory holes - also still exist, but at the risk of a bit closed-off society - you aint gonna find times they're "in use" online because if nothing else you could be anyone including someone with reason to use this info for blackmail or arrest.  So, again, this is something that would require you to be known within sex and swinging circles and, effectively, finding somebody who is willing to take the risk.

In both these scenarios it also removes the anonymity that a glory hole supposedly brings.


What I'm watching at the moment, at the moment each pay day I'm buying a bunch of clips from Miss Jasmine - she's a UK Domme and her stuff is fantastic - a lot is quite dark fantasy and corruption - so for example, one I recently bought is a POV where you've been for a session with her and she really enjoyed it so she drugs your tea and you wake up in her cage as her new kept pet.

I had the privilege of filming with her recently and she is wonderful.  

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