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Her introduction to the paddles

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After Sir getting me warmed up with his fingers and the wand. He took out a rope and began to tie my tits. As he did this he spoke softly to me. 

I think you’re ready to be introduced to my paddles and floggers….. do you feel ready ? Yes sir I answered eagerly it felt like I’d been ready for so long , but I know he always knows best. 

Ok good girl he says looking me in the eyes.

You know your safe words, we can stop at anytime . It’s of no concern if it’s not for you or you’re not quite ready. It will not reflect badly upon you and I will think just as highly of you either way … you understand ? 

Yes Sir I understand and I will use my safe word if needed . Good girl , oh how I love to hear those words. 


He put me on all fours on the bed and introduced me in to paddles and I know I should know how many but I just got lost.

Some of those paddles were so lovely feeling them firmly hugging my butt cheeks but some of them had a sharp sting that made me really want to cry and shout out with pain. Sir was very fair and I had one slap in each cheek and then it laid on my back . But if I moved and one fell off it had to go back to a firm strike on each cheek and back on my back.

So far through he came and knealt in front of me and spoke to me , I couldn’t really here him I’m not sure I was completely there. He went back to finish off . My pussy was absolutely dripping . Once all had done I had to have them all again once on the way back off .

We then had a rest and he held me and gently stroked my warm stinging butt cheeks.

I got to look at the paddles, and then felt the floggers they kissed my warm butt cheeks and sometimes if I was lucky a stray tassel licked my pussy gently. The larger weighted ones gave me a sense of comfort hugging me firmly on my back. Once again I felt my pussy becoming moist then I felt my juices slowly dribbling out. No matter how hard I tried I could not stop them. The hugging of the flogger just filled me with such warmth and an electric feeling all through my veins. Sir was priming his pussy ready to use. 

I think it’s safe to say that my introduction went very well. I’m truly not sure on the stingy ones and only time will tell, but the more of a slap / thud and I’m in heaven. 

one thing is for sure stingy or thud my pussy was left soaking wet and prime for action. 

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