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The Principal


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The Principle

Billy was being Billy, and breakfast was its usual chaotic scene of cereal on the floor and barking dog. Ellie shouted for the umpteenth time for him to sit still, her hand on her forehead in exasperation at her teenage son. His behaviour had become worse since his father walked out, and she despaired at ever having him fully under control. He was a kind and loving kid at heart, but seemed to lack that basic understanding of what was acceptable at times. He just did what he found amusing! She knew he had an extremely inquisitive mind, and that led him into all kinds of scrapes; her neighbours response to finding him filling their pool with frogs spawn a classic example. Billy just wanted them to have somewhere safe to hatch!

She had finally wrestled him into his school uniform, and waved him off on the bus, when the postman arrived. The manilla envelope had the crest of the school in the one corner, so with a sinking heart Ellie carried it through to the kitchen to open. She made a cup of strong coffee before slitting the flap. It had to come today of all days. She had a meeting with her solicitor regarding her absent husband, and the last thing she needed was this!
She removed the letter from the envelope, and slowly unfolded the heavy paper inside to read.

It was the worst possible news. They were talking suspension!

Ellie bridled at the nature of the letter; it was tantamount to a summons from the Principle! An appointment had been made for the coming Thursday, and its tone intimated she was expected to attend whatever the circumstances. She looked in her diary, thankful that the time was clear, and wrote in the details. She saw that it was directly after her only indulgence, a trip to the salon for a wax and nails, so at least she would be relaxed and feeling good when she got there. She drank the rest of her coffee and went to prepare to see her solicitor; this was bound to be a bundle of fun too!

The letter had specified it was to be parents only, so Ellie was grateful that she didn't have to drag Billy along to the Principles office. By all reports, he knew his way there far too well. She arrived five minutes before the appointed time, and introduced herself to the secretary. The rather snooty and cool response confirmed her worst fears; Billy was a well-known “troublemaker” and they wanted shot of him. This was the best school in the area, not to mention the closest, so she was damned if she would go down without a fight! She sat waiting with a determined look on her face, preparing arguments for whatever they decided to throw at her.

The intercom on the secretary's desk buzzed, and she was informed she could go through; Principle Martin would see her now.

Ellie took a deep breath and entered the Principle's office, ready to do battle for the future of her son. The figure that rose from behind the desk took her completely by surprise.

Principle Martin was tall, slim and extremely elegant in his movements. His swept-back iron-grey hair was immaculately barbered, and the suit he wore looked custom made. He extended his hand and gave her a very genuine smile.

“Mrs. Willis, so lovely of you to come. Please take a seat.”

His crisp and cultured British accent flowed over her like honey, and Ellie found herself suddenly mute. She gave him a simpering smile and dropped into the closest chair. Principle Martin lowered himself into his own chair slowly, then leaned forward with an expression of concern on his face.

“It seems that we have a problem with young Billy. He is an extremely high-spirited young man, as bright as a button, but does not take well to instruction. That inability to follow the requests from his teachers has brought him to my attention on more than one occasion. While his work, when it is done, is well above average, my concern with his lack of discipline has caused me to invite you here today.”

Ellie had found herself nodding all through his introduction, and when he stopped she was still at a loss for words. She had expected accusations and ultimatums; yet this was completely the opposite. She looked into the dark brown eyes of Principle Martin, and couldn't see anything other than concern at the situation. She smiled and shrugged, feeling slightly out of her depth with this approach.

“It has been very, err, hard on Billy since his father left. He has always been a very active child, shall we say, but since then he has gone into overdrive. I try my best with him, I really do Principle Martin, but I am at a loss as to what will help!”

She found herself blurting all this out, and felt the blush start on her cheeks. Principle Martin gave her a soft smile and nodded quietly.

“I understand completely, Mrs. Willis, it must be very difficult for you. I would suggest we look at some professional help in this matter at a later date, but for now we must deal with what is before us. Billy has become disruptive in class, and I'm afraid that some of his teachers have requested his removal. When it reaches the point of a formal request, which I have received several of, then I must act accordingly.”

He steepled his fingers in front of him and sighed.

“I have two options open to me. I can issue you with a suspension notice, its date effective immediately, or we can work out some kind of suitable program that will teach Billy that his behaviour is unacceptable. I am not a great supporter of a punishment protocol for children, but sometimes it is the only way a message can be understood.”

Ellie heard those two words, suspension and punishment, and promptly burst into tears. All the pent-up fear she had inside came pouring out.

Principle Martin rose from his chair and came around to her side of the desk. He flicked a crisp, white handkerchief from his suit pocket and offered it to Ellie with a smile before perching on the edge of his desk.

“Take your time, Mrs. Willis. I am sure between us we can come up with an acceptable solution.”

Ellie sniffled into the fresh-smelling cotton of the handkerchief before looking up at him with tear-filled eyes.

“Tell me what to do, Principle Martin. I would do anything to prevent this from getting any worse.”

She saw his eyes give a little flicker before he smiled and nodded.

“I know you would Mrs. Willis. We have to be brave and acknowledge that perhaps supervision at home has been lacking, and that has carried over to his behaviour at school? If we sit down and look at HOW you manage with his behaviour, then it will help us to deal with it effectively.”

Ellie sighed deeply. She knew he was right. Billy had taken advantage of her guilt, and, very obviously, she had let him. She had indulged him terribly since his father left; so in truth she had no-one to blame but herself. She gave Principle Martin a weak smile.

“Will you show me how I can change things?”

Principle Martin leaned forward and, to her surprise, held her chin in his hand. His smile had a different quality to it, but Ellie was too unnerved by the contact of his hand to really register exactly what.

“I have found, Mrs. Willis, that things can improve rapidly by educating the parents as much as the child. Punishing a child, when they are not really aware that their behaviour is unacceptable, defeats the object. If their parents are subject to a system that encourages THEM to make changes, then it works better overall.”

He released her chin after whispering his large thumb over her cheek.

“If I can make the changes with you, give you the incentive, then it will reflect on Billy. Are you willing to work with me in that way, or shall I take the steps to make this matter more formal?”

Ellie swallowed hard. She couldn't bear the thought of Billy being removed from the school, and didn't want him punished for her own weaknesses. Her cheek burned from the contact of his thumb, and she nodded as she lowered her eyes.

“If it means that I can help Billy, and not make this any worse, then I will work with you, Principle Martin.”

She didn't see the hungry look in his eyes as he returned to his side of the desk. When she looked up again he was smiling.

“I think that before long we will see a difference in this whole situation, Mrs. Willis. I will draw up a list of suggestions, an action plan if you will, and, with your agreement, we will commence.”

Ellie sighed and smiled gratefully, standing to shake the Principles offered hand.

“I look forward to that Principle Martin. Thank you for being so understanding; I will certainly do my best to make sure that Billy isn't a problem for you.”

She left the school with a cheerful step; that wasn't so bad after all!

The following Friday, Billy announced he had a letter for her. He was quick to point out he hadn't been in trouble again; it had been given to him by the Principle as he left school that evening!

Ellie laughed at the earnest look on his face, and, after making sure he was occupied on his game console, went through to the kitchen to sit and read. The introduction was simple enough, however as she read Ellie's eyes became wider and wider. Surely this was a joke?

Dear Mrs Willis,

Thank you for attending the meeting. I have given this some thought, and propose the following as a basis for improving Billy's behaviour. As I intimated, I am not a believer in punishing children, so the onus will fall on you. For every breach of school rules due to a lack of understanding the following will apply.

A) For inattentiveness in class: 2 spanks

B) For unruly behaviour: 3 spanks

C) For incomplete homework: 4 spanks

D) For insubordination towards teachers: 5 spanks

Ellie blinked several times at the list. What in god's name did he think he was doing? The last paragraph had her reaching for the phone.

Mrs. Willis. If YOU cannot take the responsibility at home to ensure Billy's behaviour, then the punishments listed above will be augmented with further action. I sincerely hope that you accept these terms, and understand how important they are for Billy's future at this school.

Ellie waited while the secretary tried to connect her. After a few seconds of silence, the cultured English voice purred down the phone in greeting.

“Good morning Mrs. Willis, so lovely to hear from you.”

Ellie stumbled over her words for a second before she could answer.

“What the hell do you mean by this letter, Principle Martin? Spanks? Are you serious? I should take this to the school board!”

There was a brief pause before he replied, and this time his voice had taken on a darker edge.

“Mrs. Willis. If you wish Billy to remain at this school you WILL agree to the conditions. It is time you took some responsibility.”

Ellie had the feeling he was actually leaning forward to stare at her as he continued.

“If you cannot find it in yourself to maintain discipline at home then I will..encourage..you to make more of an effort. I will be talking to Billy's teachers every day from now on, so I can monitor your performance.”

There was the soft click of the call being terminated, and Ellie replaced her handset in a daze. He was fucking serious! She paced the kitchen, wringing her hands as she tried to figure out what to do. Her common sense told her she should call someone, the Police even, but then what would happen? He would get arrested, and Billy would be out of that school.

After making a coffee with very shaky hands, Ellie sat in her kitchen and tried to decide what was for the best.

Her son gave her a look of confusion when she announced there would be NO console time tonight; he had homework that was well overdue that she would help him with. Billy huffed and moaned through the whole process, but, after an hour, they finally completed the maths tasks. Feeling extremely relieved, Ellie nodded when Billy asked if he could NOW go on his games?

The following evening, she was in the process of saying the same when Billy shrugged and pouted.

“I've already been given extra homework today because I cursed in geography.”

Ellie could feel the blood drain from her face.

“Oh, Billy! What did you say?”

Billy looked at her with a mixture of apology and righteous knowledge.

“I said it was a god-damn waste of time learning about the geography of California, as it will all fall into the sea after the next big earthquake!”

Ellie bit her lip as he continued.

“I'm right though, mom! It will! Mrs. Price, the teacher, didn't think I should have been so smart, and she has reported me to the Principle.”

Ellie was so distracted by her thoughts of the consequences of this that she simply waved her hand when Billy asked to go on his games.

She had packed him off to school, and was in the middle of doing the laundry, when the phone rang the following morning. She answered with a cheery “hello!”, and the deep syrup of Principle Martin's voice oozed at her down the phone.

“We have matters to discuss, Mrs. Willis. I understand that Billy has football practice after school tonight, so I will expect you in my office at four o'clock. Please don't be late.”

The phone went dead in her hand, and Ellie gave a small whimper. Her laundry forgotten, Ellie slumped onto the chair by the table. What would he do if she didn't go?

The receptionist wasn't at her desk when Ellie arrived, so, after a quick check of her watch, she knocked tentatively on the Principles door. There was a seconds silence before the quiet “Come in Mrs. Willis” sounded through the thick wood.
Ellie walked through to find Principle Martin leaning against a wooden chair in the middle of the room. He inclined his head in a small bow and smiled.

“I had a feeling you take your son's education very seriously, Mrs Willis, and you understand why this is necessary.”

Ellie gathered her courage and frowned at his assumption.

“I DO take it very seriously, but your suggestion that I get spanked is ludicrous!”

Principle Martin sighed and shrugged, his eyes never leaving hers.

“It is your choice, Mrs. Willis. You can either accept the punishment on Billy's behalf, or walk out of this room and I initiate suspension proceedings.”

Ellie could feel her anger starting to rise, and took a step forward.

“This is blackmail! I could have you arrested for this!”

Once again, the Principle shrugged. This time his eyes had a glint.

“You could indeed, but we both know what would happen then. Do not think of it as blackmail, Mrs. Willis, think of it more as a necessary educational process to ensure your son's peaceful passage at this school.”

Ellie could feel her shoulders slump, and knew that, for Billy's sake, she didn't have a great deal of choice. She lowered her eyes before nodding gently.
Principle Martin clapped his hands once and moved around the chair to stand beside her. Ellie could feel his eyes on her, and when he spoke, his voice had a raspy edge to it.

“I am disappointed you are wearing jeans, Mrs. Willis, but they will have to do for now. If we should be here again in these circumstances, I would like you to be wearing a skirt. Now, you will place your hands flat on the seat of this chair, bend at the waist, and stick that very cute bottom in the air for me.”

Ellie swallowed hard as she finally lifted her eyes to his, her voice breaking slightly when she tried to call on his mercy.

“Please don't do this, Principle Martin, there must be another way?”

The Principle shook his head slowly and nodded down at the chair.

“There isn't another way, Mrs. Willis, so place your hands on the chair please.”

Ellie gave a little sob as she bent over, the seat of the chair feeling cool under her palms. She gave a frightened squeak when the Principles fingers moved around her waist to undo the button on her jeans, her hips shaking as he eased them down to her knees. Ellie screwed her eyes shut when his hand stroked over her ass.

“You have beautiful soft, pale skin Mrs. Willis. Your husband was a fool to leave such a pert bottom behind. Keep nice and still, and this will soon be over.”

Ellie keened in her throat when his thumbs hooked into her panties, and they, too, were pulled down to her knees. She felt completely exposed and vulnerable. Her breathing was ragged, and she wished that she could control the shake in her hips and thighs. When he spoke again, his voice had become even more cracked despite his cool tone.

“Cursing in class is disrespectful to the teacher and the other children, therefore it will not be tolerated. For that you will receive three spanks.”

His hand stroked again over Ellie's quivering ass, before lifting away. She bit her lip in anticipation of feeling it again. There was a moments pause when, to Ellie, the whole world came to a sudden standstill at the impact of his hand on her ass. The sound alone made her jump, but the sting of his palm on her skin made Ellie yelp aloud. Tears bloomed in her eyes as the hand was removed again.

When the Principles hand struck again, this time on the other cheek of her ass, Ellie started to cry fully. The stinging was bad enough, but the fact she was being spanked by her son's Principle was so demeaning. The third blow landed on top of the first, and hurt like hell. Ellie howled, unable to stop herself lifting from the chair to reach behind to protect her burning skin. She stood there, holding her ass with tears running down her cheeks, looking through blurred eyes at the smiling Principle. His tone had switched to one placating.

“I hope that has given you a little incentive to be more diligent about Billy's use of his game console. He tells me you let him go on it every night, and I don't think that is very helpful towards our overall aim, do you?”

Ellie sniffled and shook her head.

“No, Principle Martin.”

The Principle smiled, and indicated she should fix her clothing before going back to his side of his large desk. He made a note in his diary, then looked at her curiously.

“I think that was the first time you have ever been spanked, Mrs. Willis, is that correct?”

Ellie nodded as she fastened her jeans, every fibre of her being wanting to run from the office.
His voice sounded almost jovial as he made another note; he looked extremely pleased with himself.

“Then a lesson well learned. Considering what a beautiful bottom you have, it is with a little regret that I say I hope not to see you again like this. Good day to you, Mrs. Willis.”

His curt dismissal caught her off guard, and Ellie stood there dumbstruck for a few seconds before heading quickly to the door. Her ass felt as though it was on fire, and she stifled whimpers all the way back to her car.

That night there was a minor tantrum when she refused Billy his usual time on his console, however, when she sat and read an updated version of “Robinson Crusoe” with him, his imagination soon took hold. He asked her lots of questions, and enthused about what it must be like to have an island all to yourself! He even went to bed without his usual whining, so it gave Ellie a lot to ponder as she too retired for the night. Her ass had stopped stinging, but she could still “feel” each spank. She pictured herself in the Principles office, bent over with her ass in the air, and him standing there looking at her. Out of the blue her pussy gave a little clench, and she almost gasped in shock. What the hell? She rolled over onto her stomach, the burst of self-loathing confused by the throbs that had started. She slid a hand down under her belly, and the moment her fingers found her clit she KNEW she was going to cum quickly. This was fucking crazy! After a fast and very intense orgasm Ellie lay in her bed, thoughts of sleep the furthest from her mind as she replayed the whole scene again and again.

All was quiet for the next few days. Billy had really taken to the book, and now each evening it was the first thing he picked up. His questions about the adventure became almost incessant, and on the fourth day Ellie told him she had a headache and to play on his game.

The following day, Billy arrived home with a letter. It was a summons to the Principles office. She interrogated Billy, and, apparently, he had asked questions about Robinson Crusoe in his history lesson. The teacher had told him the character was fictitious, hadn't existed, and Billy had called him a jerk.

Ellie scrambled through to the kitchen, looking for the letter from the Principle. As she feared, insubordination was a major offence. Five spanks. She whimpered quietly as she placed the letter down again.

Her watch said four o'clock, the appointed time, when she knocked lightly on the Principles door. His “Come in, Mrs. Willis!” sounded almost eager, and she once again found him standing beside the chair. He smiled ruefully at her and shook his head.

“It seems that all the good work you have been doing has been undone. His reports had been glowing, and then we had the incident in History.”

He looked down at the chair, a theatrical sigh escaping from his lips.

“You know how to place your hands.”

Ellie nodded, and moved to bend over. She could feel her hips quaking as he raised her light skirt and bunched it around her waist, and when her panties were pulled down to her knees she had to bite back another whimper. His hand once again stroked over her ass.

“I would be lying if I said I am sorry to see you again, you truly do have the prettiest bottom I have seen in a long time. However, I must put my personal feelings aside, and try my best to keep our aims alive.”

Ellie closed her eyes and awaited the first blow.

It still made her yelp, and after the second one has landed on the other cheek the tears began to flow. The third and fourth, landing on already-stinging flesh, made her cry out. There was a pause as she waited for the final one to land, wondering which burning cheek it would impact. She yelped even louder when it landed directly on her pussy. Only this time, he didn't remove his hand. His voice sounded very dark and husky as he bent over to talk into her ear.

“Why, Mrs. Willis, I do believe I have found a little moisture there!”

Ellie groaned as he moved his fingers over her pussy, her knees shaking as she tried to maintain her position. He found her clit and rolled it under his thumb, and Ellie lifted up her head and moaned as the first trembles of the orgasm flooded her overloaded nerves.

Forty minutes later, and Ellie had to wait for her legs to stop shaking before starting the car.

The following morning after breakfast, Billy was getting his school gear together when he stopped and looked up at her with wide eyes. He slowly pulled his hand from his bag, and lifted the water pistol up to show her. He looked from the toy gun to her.

“What is this doing in my bag, mum?”

Ellie shrugged and tried to look unconcerned.

“I just thought it may liven up one of your lessons?”

Jan 22, 2022

50 minutes ago, DivineMyst said:


I shall take that as a good Ummmmm :-)

Very long read but very good read also. Suspenseful 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Oh my. Do you have anything published?
5 minutes ago, beaut_dream said:

Oh my. Do you have anything published?

I do..old now but still on Amazon. If you are interested I will DM you the link x

1 hour ago, doubletrouble129 said:

Very long read but very good read also. Suspenseful 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Thank you fella.

It's o.k lol .. to me it's a little too fantastical ..
12 minutes ago, DivineMyst said:

It's o.k lol .. to me it's a little too fantastical ..

Tough audience :-) and yes..its a fantasy piece.

2 minutes ago, ScribeTwo said:

Tough audience :-) and yes..its a fantasy piece.

Honestly, it was realistic to me. Definitely related

15 hours ago, ScribeTwo said:

I do..old now but still on Amazon. If you are interested I will DM you the link x

Yes please! Thank you.

14 minutes ago, beaut_dream said:

Yes please! Thank you.

Done x


I like how Ellie thinks. I would have done the same.


How do I get a Principals job? 

Very good read, thank you.

21 minutes ago, TomSussex said:

How do I get a Principals job? 

Very good read, thank you.

Qualifications I guess...or if you're like me you would blag it :-P

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