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The Chain Has Two Ends


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This is a piece that was written a few years ago that never saw the light of day. Its reason became obsolete...though recently it found its way into my thought process and I dug it out. Strange how the mind works.


You love watching her apply her lipstick.

You love the way she wriggles her toes after kicking off her heels.

You love the way she sings quietly to herself when doing mundane chores.

You love the way she shakes her head, letting her curls fall to her shoulders at the end of the day.

You love the way she can be casual, almost uncaring in her appearance.

You love the way she tilts her head when listening to you.

You love the way she clings tightly to your arm when out on the street, keeping you close.

You love hearing her laugh and giggle, it makes your day brighter.

You love her sharp mind, her tenacity, her will to win.

Yoiu love the way her eyes sparkle when confronted with a puppy.

You love the way she curls up like a child to watch a movie, snacks and treats close to hand.

You love everything about her.

Even her flaws

Her demons.

She is your weakness.

And yet....

You love the way she whimpers when you grasp her throat.

You love the way her eyes go dark and wide when you pin her under you.

You love the way she bites her lip when you wrap your belt around your fist.

You love the way she fights against her body giving you her release, until the ask is torn from her.

You love the feel of her feet shaking on your shoulders when you are forceful.

You love the flash in her eyes when she knows she will be a pleasure doll that night.

You love the way her hands flutter across your scalp when your mouth finds her clit.

You love the way she gasps when you whisper unthinkable things into her ear, yet she still melts against you.

You love the tears on her cheeks, the quivering lips, the welts on her pale skin, and her eyes asking for more.

She gave you her flaws.

She gave you her demons

She gave them willingly.

And you will guard them with your life.

She is your weakness. And you are hers.


That was lovely.
Just now, PrettyLilFemD said:

That was lovely.

Bless you for the kind words x

This is beautiful ❤️.
14 minutes ago, Goddess_Fifi said:

This is beautiful ❤️.

Thank you Fifi x

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