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**TW** Thumper, Thump Her, Dump Her

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**TW**Trigger Warning - Violence

This is a true story of a scene and game I invented over 20 years ago. Feel free to use the game. Do not dare say you created it. I will find out.


You must decode the message
Thumper - Slap the shit out of any body part from head to toe
Thump Her - Rabbit fuck whatever hole you are currently using
Dump her - Drop her and stop

Just as the Whore was securing the restraints the doorbell rang. Just in time. With a kiss on the ball gag, the Whore shuttled off to answer the door. "Don't you move Cuck", she said with a giggle. The Cuck wished that he could please the Whore in the bedroom. Possessing a little uncircumcised cock put a hamper in that department. But he could please the Whore in more ways than one. Like that nice white lace negligee she was wearing now with no panties that hugged her 158 lb frame so well. The Cuck would do anything for the Whore. Even put up with this funny not funny Bull she keeps inviting over. He better understand my directions this time.
The Whore open the door to an immediate hand around her throat. "Is the Cuck ready as instructed?", asked The Undertaker. "Yes, The Undertaker", replied the Whore. "Is my Cum Sponge ready to get fucked and Tombstoned?", asked The Undertaker. "Most definitely The Undertaker", replied the Whore. The Undertaker released his firm grip of the Whore's throat and instructed her to lead the way. With a relaxed airwave the Whore giggled and gladly obliged, skipping so the air blew up her negligee exposing her round bare ass. When The Undertaker entered the room he casually walked over to the Cuck and fist pumped his forehead. The Cuck tried to move his head and muffled, "mmm mmm". The Undertaker said, "Let the game begin", and turned around with an immediate 4-knuckle backhand to the Whore's jaw. The impact immediately sent the Whore's pussy into leakage and convulsing. The Cuck is going hysterical and shaking his head no and muffling, "mmm mmm, mmm mmm". The Undertaker grabbed the Whore by the throat and choked slammed her on her back on the bed. With his hands firmly around the Whore's throat, The Undertaker slid his cock in-between her moist pussy lips and began pumping her like a rabbit. This excited the Cuck as he is now bobbing his head up and down and smiling with his eyes. After several, long, hard, and fast strokes, The Undertaker releases the Whore's throat and pushes her legs behind her head like a pretzel. The Undertaker slides his cock out of the Whore's pussy and immediately plunges it into the Whore's asshole. The Whore yelped with pleasure as she previously told The Undertaker that this was her favorite position. The Cuck is muffling, "mmm, mmm", over and over. Each time The Undertaker slaps the Whore on the ass with each thrust in her asshole. The Cuck is losing his mind in the chair shaking his head up and down and right to left. With the Whore still in the pretzel position The Undertaker exits her asshole and shoves his cock into the Whore's mouth. The Whore loves ATM. One of the reasons The Undertaker has serviced her for so long. The Undertaker does not cuck a couple for longer than 90 days to prevent attachment like the one that is happening now. The Undertaker has been cuckolding this couple for almost 6 months now. With his hand firmly on the back of the Whore's neck The Undertaker made the Whore swallow him all the way to his trimmed pubic hair. She did not gag once. The Cuck is alive again and muffling "mmm, mmm". The Undertaker grabs the Whore by the hair to pull his cock out her mouth and slapped her with the other hand. The Cuck is nodding his head up and down and muffling "mmm, mmm"' over and over. The Undertaker goes in to a furry of slaps across the Whore's face alternating between using his hand and cock. The Cuck is now muffling, "mmm, mmm", and rolling his head around in a circle. The Undertaker flips the Whore over and enters her pussy from the rear. The Cuck is muffling, "mmm, mmm", over and over. The Undertaker went into rabbit mode and pumped until sweat was rolling down his back. The Undertaker pulled his cock out, grabbed the Whore by her ankles and flipped her up on her head. The Undertaker dove his tongue into the Whore's pussy and lapped at it like the last supper. The Undertaker wrapped his arms around the Whore and lifted her up off the bed. The Whore sucked on The Undertaker cock upside down like a Hoover. The Undertaker spun the Whore around as his hips pumped her mouth to face the Cuck. The Cuck and The Undertaker locked eyes and The Undertaker pumped the Whore's mouth harder as the blood rushed to her head. The Whore felt The Undertaker swell and knew what she wanted was on the horizon. The Whore softly rubbed The Undertaker balls with the palm of her hand as he exploded in her mouth. The Cuck was muffling "mmm, mmm", as The Undertaker went in to rabbit mode too ensure the Whore got it all. The Cuck is going hysterical again, shaking his head no and muffling, "mmm, mmm". The Undertaker gave the Whore one final thrust as he bit down and sucked on her clitoris, and let go. The Whore hit the floor with a loud boom. The Undertaker wipe his cock off on the Whore's white negligee, got dressed and left as the Whore laughed hysterically on the floor. Once she got herself together and the pain in her shoulder calmed down from the drop, the Whore crawled over to the Cuck and removed the ball gag. "I fucking hate that guy. Even when he gets the directions wrong, he still makes it good", said the Cuck, as they both laughed hysterically.

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