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πŸ’–πŸŒˆπŸ”— From Velvet Box to Submissive's Heart πŸ”—πŸŒˆπŸ’–

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Once upon a time, in my cosy little velvet-lined box, I waited patiently, curious about the journey that lay ahead.

You see, I am a day collar, a delightful accessory, a close confidant and discreet symbol of servitude!

One magical day, my adventure began as gentle hands lifted me from my snug abode.

Ah, those sparkling eyes filled with joy and anticipation!

It was my wearer, a sweet submissive soul, their heart brimming with excitement to grace me around their neck.


As I nestled upon their tender skin, a magical bond ignited.

I transformed from a simple piece of jewelry to a sign of unwavering trust and devotion.

Through me, their deepest desires and whispered dreams found expression, our secret shared in the sanctuary we created.

Hand in hand, we stepped into the world, ready to embrace each day's wonders.

I became their steadfast companion, quietly witnessing their successes and triumphs.

In every moment, I provided a gentle touch of support, a constant reminder of their chosen path.


In public, we faced curious glances and raised eyebrows, but oh, the thrill it brought!

Knowing smiles were exchanged, a language understood only by kindred souls.

Those with open hearts glimpsed the enchanting connection we shared, while others marveled at the exquisite design adorning their neck.

Behind closed doors, in the haven we called home, I became a beacon of surrender and vulnerability.

As they clasped me tenderly, I could feel their pulse quicken, their excitement soaring.

Together, we embarked on acts of blooming, exploring the depths of desire, celebrating the beauty of submission.


In moments of passion and intimacy, I witnessed their spirit soar to new heights of freedom and release.

I became their trusted guide, a tangible symbol of the unwavering trust they placed in their beloved dominant.

Together, we danced to the rhythm of their desires, lost in the enchantment of the dynamic, where reverence and taboo intertwined.

Days melted into weeks, weeks transformed into months, and our bond grew ever stronger.

I became an extension of their very soul, an adored part of their unique identity.

Each passing day wove us closer together, our connection blending seamlessly with the tapestry of their extraordinary life, a constant reminder of the cherished metamorphosis we embarked upon.


The perspective of this felt a little odd and yet cute, initially (for me anyway) but it soon became playful and finished up as endearing.

I really enjoyed the provocative and relatable literature, that makes the reader feel all the emotional and physical facets of the symbol and the bigger picture and also the simplicity and weight of Ds

Although you're writing is always inspirational to say the least πŸ‘

Thank you for such a kind comment πŸ™
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