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It was all a dream


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She was calling. She doesn't usually call.

Hey, doll. How are you?

Hi Daddy. I had to call you.

What's up?

Well, I had a dream last night....

Was it you dreaming about that time I tied you to the bed and made you cum 15 times in one hour with your vibrator?

Or was it that you and your roommate came over and had a blow job contest, and I was the judge?

Or was it when I collared you and put on your nipple clamps and edged you for 3 hours. I finally let you cum, but you called out of work the next day because your pussy was still sensitive?

Or was it when I came to your office in the middle of the day. We got in my car and your rode me hard and fast. You came on my cock and then I came in your pussy. I sent you back to work with no panties and pussy full of my hot sticky cup?

Was it that time you gave me a blow job while you were on the phone with your friend and I came all over your face?

No, none of those.  It was that you kissed my forehead and told me I was your special good girl. But now I want you to come over.

This story has my pussy throbbing. đź« 
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