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Resistance and pretending innocence


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Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well. Ok, let me explain. I am a Submissive, and I love the thought of putting up barriers of resistance and innocence for my Domme to break down. It gives them more drive to break me in further, and further, until I'm a drooling horny mess hell bent on their treats and punishments. Although, I love giving in too much. How would a Submissive go about pretending innocence without seeming frigid? In what ways as a submissive are good, teasing, forms of resistance? As a Domme, what resistance and forms of innocence turn you on most from your Submissive? This question is directed to both Dommes and Submissives as I want a wide range of opinions. Can't wait to hear back from you all!



I think there are careful lines.

I think if you are being too resistant the Dominant might not feel you are enjoying it.  This in turn might cause them to stop or lose interest.

If you play out things too long it can also be boring for the Dominant.

The thing with any form of the thrill-of-the-chase is someone has to WANT to chase you and you do eventually need to be caught (before they get bored and lose interest)

It's important to discuss with your Dominant how you like to play - that you like to resist and like to be broken down.

But, remember, if you want certain play or certain punishments or certain experiences.... sometimes the best punishment is to withhold what you want....


Yes, I agree. In the end, we have to get caught. It is fun to dodge and weave our way around but we have to make sure our Domme remains interested in the chase. There is nothing worse than your Domme leaving you hanging from the shackles while she takes a cup of tea and then she forgets She left you there because you bored the living shit out of Her.


I understand that. Thank you both for your advice. I'm not planning to be totally resistant, more like teasing them to want to do things to me outside of the bedroom and slightly postponing the experience to get them pumped. Not jump straight into it, totally handing myself over instantly because sometimes a door mat can be boring if they put up no fight at all. What do you guys think? 

I haven’t been in a position where my resistance comes in the form of innocence but I have refused to give up on punishments when I’ve been expected to. I have been asked ‘have you had enough yet’ with canings, paddles, whips etc & even though on occasion I have been in tears from the *** I have resisted backing down. If a Dom wants me to back down then he needs to come close to breaking me. But seeing a Dom put his all into a punishment is a huge turn on. I also withdrew my mouth from a Doms cock the second he was about to cum which resulted in the biggest face slap I’d ever received then he came on my face & I wasn’t allowed to blink. I find face slapping quite harsh & is one way of quickly putting me back in my place. I’m not sure if that’s resistance, brattyness, or ***y-mindedness Even tho I’m a sub I was once a Domme which I don’t think has disappeared entirely as I’m still a bit of a control freak, I’m also very Primal even though I result in ending up as the prey.
10 hours ago, Expheus said:

sometimes a door mat can be boring if they put up no fight at all.

you're potentially projecting your own interests.   

See, sometimes you might ask a sub to do something and want them just to fucking do it... and sometimes "make me" can be the answer - but it depends on mood, dynamics, etc.  sometimes you just want your thing done... sometimes, it's fun not to


Thanks again guys, I'm taking all of your advice into mind and using it to full effect. 

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