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Fet and a neurodivergent’s questions

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I’m not new to the scene but feel this thread is best placed in the ‘New to BDSM, Kink & Fetish?’ category.

I noticed somebody on fet had viewed my profile several times over a few days (I kept getting notifications), so decided to send them a message as follows…

“You’ve visited my profile a few times now…

…I’m curious, what do you think of the short piece I wrote? 😉

The short piece I’m referring to in this message is a story I wrote and is on my profile (it was my status). After sending the message, the person immediately blocked me. I’m thinking, have I said something I shouldn’t have?

Please help me out. I don’t understand. Being neurodivergent I feel I’ve missed something.
I don’t think you have done anything wrong. I check people’s profiles out a lot. Usually curious about the person behind a post on the forum. I get a lot of people messaging me because they take my looking at their profile as interest in hooking up. I totally get why they think that, it’s a logical conclusion. Maybe they were looking at your profile but not interested in conversation.
One reason that is mentioned very often here is the quick kink feature. If they use that, they are shown as a visitor to whoever is shown on that feature, regardless of whether they actually visit.

Another reason could be that they're forgetful. I know sometimes I recognise the profile but don't always remember whether I'm compatible with them.

They could also be ultra nervous.

In all honesty though, there could be all kinds of reasons, and trying to guess someone else's motives is difficult, at the very least. Unfortunately, as frustrating as it is, that's all we can do - guess.

yes, just joined myself and found that the search is a bit 'buggy' so you inadvertently find members who are not looking for same as you but you dont realise till viewing their profile. So a profile view doesnt mean they are into you or want to hook up. They may just land there by mistake. If your profile has no pic then they may hit it several times as not realising they already viewed it? 

  you did not do anything wrong the person who blocked you was wrong
I've got autism so I get where you are coming from. You have done nothing wrong.

You didn't do anything wrong and who knows why they reacted that way. It's got nothing to do with you so try not to sweat it. I totally get the ND confusion though, experiencing it often, myself. I just chalk stuff like that up to "people are weird" 🤷🏻‍♀️


As for the reason for frequent visitors, there's lots of possible reasons. The reasons I do it are, my adhd makes it more difficult to remember if it's a profile I've viewed already or not. Especially of there's no photo and they have a super generic name like "city345", or there may be a photo but zero content so it's not memorable. I've noticed I've had a few frequent visitors of my own. One I finally messaged, figuring they might just be shy so I sent a friendly hello. Considering how the conversation went I'm pretty sure I was correct. I've stopped trying to figure out certain why's of the behavior of others. 

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