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Hiking with Ryan


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When I was 16, I had my first experience with another man. I knew deep down I wanted it, but was always afraid to confront and explore that desire. That weekend, my friend ryan invited me to his family cabin up in the mountains. The first night there is the first time I sucked cock. I woke up the next morning in near disbelief I had done what I did. I thought it was a dream. But one of the first things ryan said to me when we woke up was that last night was so much fun. I sheepishly said yeah, got dressed, and went out to have breakfast with him and his family.

Later that morning, ryan and I decided to hike up to a lake on his property. It was about a 2 mile hike, and the lake was beautiful. Crystal clear, surrounded by mountains, conifers, and Aspen trees. We hiked around a bit, did some fishing, and took a canoe out on the water. After we got back to shore, ryan proposed that we take a dip in the lake to cool off. It was hot out and a swim sounded nice. I agreed and stripped down to my boxers and waded into the water. Ryan followed suit and soon we were both splashing about enjoying the nice cold water. I was still trying to comprehend what happened the night before, or maybe I was just trying to forget about it, when ryan asked me if I had ever gone skinny dipping. My ears perked up and I immediately got excited, and told him I had not. The next thing I know ryan is holding up his underwear out of the water, and throws them on shore. I follow his lead, and the next thing I know we are both naked, surrounded by the open sky and mountains.

For whatever reason, we got closer and closer to each other. Still splashing around and having fun. He swims up to me and starts talking to me, as I’m treading water with my legs and arms. As he’s talking to me he suddenly grabs my arm and puts my hand on his cock. Instead of jerking my hand away, I grab onto it, feeling him half erect in the icy mountain lake. Feeling his cock in my hand, some sort of instinct kicked in, and I start stroking him under the water. Without even thinking I ask him if he’s ever gotten head outside like this before. “You want to suck my cock out here?” He asked me, in an excited and nervous tone. “Do you want me to suck your cock? Do you think anyone else is around?” “My parents went down to town and won’t be back until this evening, and no one else ever comes up here” he replied.

We swim to shore, looking around cautiously to make sure no one else is around before we reveal our naked bodies to world. Once we confirm we are the only ones at the lake, we both emerge from the water, his hot throbbing erect cock in full view to the world. He goes over to a spot next to the canoe, beneath some Aspen trees, and starts stroking his huge, uncut cock. He looks up at me and tells me to come over to him. I walk over, nervously looking around but intent on putting his cock down my throat again. I feel so slutty and so powerful in that moment. All I want to do is swallow him whole.

I approach him and drop to my knees, maneuvering between his legs, and place my hand on his cock. “Mmmm stoke it” he tells me, as I start to slide my hand up and down his shaft and feeling the precum dripping down it. I lift his cock away from his balls, devouring him with my tongue from balls to tip. “Put it in your mouth and suck me like you did last night” he tells me. “Oh yeah, you liked that didn’t you?” I said, as I wrap my lips around his tip, holding him in my mouth while I continue to stroke him. I feel him begin to thrust his hips into my face, shoving his cock further into my mouth. I moaned oh it, taking the hint to suck him deeper. Which each thrust his cock goes further down my throat, making me gag. “Oh fuck that felt so good” he says as I gag on his cock. “I pull it out, drool dripping from my mouth “you want me to go deeper?” I ask. “Oh fuck yeah, gag on my cock” he tells me. I immediately put him back in my mouth, he thrusts as I go deeper, gagging which each thrust but trying to relax my throat so I can take more. Which each thrust he moans in continued pleasure, grabbing the back of my head and guiding it up and down. My eyes are watering, drool and precum running down my face. “I’m going to cum” he moans. “Where” I ask. “On your face”. “Mmmhmmm” I reply as I continue to blow him. He stands up in front of me and I get to me knees. He puts his hand on my shoulder as I caress his cock in my hands, feeling the pressure build inside him. His moaning gets louder and louder until he says “fuuuck I’m cumming” I look up at him right as his warm cum hits my face. To my surprise, I felt so naughty in that moment. I continue to stroke him, sticking out my tongue and catching his pulsating load as it explodes from his cock. I milk him until he’s spent, my face and mouth covered with his cum. I kiss the top of his cock, look up at him and tell him that was hot. “You’re so good at sucking cock” he tells me, “have you done this before?” I guess I’m just a natural I reply, standing up to my feet and walking back over to the lake. I jump back in, cleaning myself up for the walk back to the cabin. Anticipating what might be the next thing ryan and I do together….
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