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Do women enjoy feeling ***....

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More than males...You may be asking why...I have come across some amazing very tasteful and very stylish...professional websites of women in bondage....as yet ,  none of men in bondage...Why...?


Personal choice not ment to offend anyone but I dont personally find a submissive man attractive.

I sometimes hate to pull down the curtains - but... sometimes a lot of what you see online is never always truly representative.

There's websites of women in bondage because there is a market for people to look at pictures/videos/etc of women in *** positions

There are photographers who love the aesthetic of women tied or in bondage

There are riggers who of course love to tie and bind women....  and if you notice, a lot of the women pictured/featured are often (deemed) "slim" and "pretty"

This is of course far from the reality and comes with it's own issues also.  

Though, I'd be surprised if you cannot find men-in-bondage either through assorted Femdom sites, or gay sites ?   Certainly I see a lot in predicament bondage and I've been involved in a few bits of pieces myself.

But, ultimately it's easier to find what is either easier to sell or "preferable" to make.

I think it's what eyemblacksheep said, it's because (sadly) that's what sells the most. But if you look at personally updated pictures on konky social, like here or Fetlife, you'll see plenty of men in bondage as well.

Eyemblacksheep.  I would love to know what you do...You seem to have an in depth  understanding of the Fetish scene..have opinions that are not biased.....but based on experience..Shame you are not local to me..!..Cassie


I wouldn't say I'm an expert - and that's the first port of call.  I'm always learning. But, I often read a lot of things, including sometimes things that are not my bag. I listen to a lot of opinions (though, disregard many).  But, I'm also involved in real life - I was regular at a few munches, but had to cut back, I run a munch, DJ at a fetish event, have played with friends, my wife and Professionals (in all cases on both sides of the slash) and have been filming for just over 3 years.  

So, there's a lot I see from different angles.

But, I wouldn't begin to be arrogant enough to say I'm anywhere near finished learning.   But, I like to meet new people and that enriches me.


Great reply..Cassie


also simple fact men are more visual than women, they will read the book, men will look at pictures......

but as Nebel says the internet photography stock is big, over 40M results, few month of viewing for you

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Although I posted this topic...I am not one for trawling through websites looking for women or men in bondage for sexual gratification.  I have a love of bondage and I use the websites to discover unusual set ups etc ,  which I can adapt to make for  my own  personal use.

Having said that , Are Male and Female brains wired differently , or is it more to do with our conditioning at an early age that we react differently to images we see.

I have met a lovely Female..who I hope will become a good friend..who admitted  , after  drinking to many  glasses  of wine  , that she loved looking at images of women in bondage..But found the idea of looking at men in bondage..to put it politely..off putting.!

I showed her a members photo from an another Fetish well known website I belong to ...An attractive TV in Bondage..her Reaction was Wow..loved it..

Am I right in concluding that there is something really special about women in bondage...that appeals to both sexes.?



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I think ultimately that everyone is different.

I often joke that some of my popularity on other social networks (twitter, insta, etc) isn't down to me but down to those I'm pictured with.

That's probably true.

Some people who hit like on the photo - I imagine reasons include

1 - they just like the photo
2 - they imagine they are me in the photo
3 - they like me and want to show encouragement
4 - they like the lady and want to show encouragement
5 - the photo is something they find arousing

I suspect that men are more likely to be in 2, 4, 5
and that women are more likely to be 1, 3, 4

I think with bondage
Men might find a lady attractive (but not a man unless they are gay/bi), they might find it arousing or sexual - if you ever see "if I was there I would..." comments it's the men interjecting a fantasy - sometimes men like *** women for fairly worrying reasons.

Women might find the picture artistic, this might be something they enjoy doing so are reminded how it makes them feel... they might want to be encouraging.

This is something where I don't wish to talk on behalf of women, but I have come across women who like the feeling of being so vunerable (as I have of men, same deal) but safe in the trust that the person they're with won't overstep lines, despite having opportunity.... 

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