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cloaked only in your ardour

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An alpha male exposes his vulnerability

Put in his place.

Naked in every sense.

Once reduced

Cloaked only in your ardour

Hungry to spunk in your protective arms

Control my convulsions

Wrap me in sweet caress and care

Bathe me in your satin lingerie

While I'm laid bare, so very bare.

Let your lips and fingertips

Caress my emotions

So ***fully aware of past trauma.. hushed for now.

Bring me temporary solace

A trance - like bliss

Let your comforting whispers fill my soul

Tease my playful bitch

Each twitch my undoing

Each spank my ruin

Just for now let me give you my all

You encourage forth my essence

You feel my need

Willingly I fall

You take your cue from the darker you

And hold me tight as I explode

My release owned

Sighs "Thank you, Miss"

My trembling and afterglow a perfect gift

A red ribbon tied load

Today I sense some light

A pleasurable escape

My seratonine fix

Black and white

Turns a colourful hue

In those stolen moments with you.

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Beautiful and touching. As always you move me. Thank you for sharing, Panther


Yes again another beautiful writing... I am always drawn into them as I vividly ***t a picture in my head and am there.


Beautifully written 

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