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Dream Girl


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I met Lauren through a mutual friend at a party.  She was perfect. Short curvy Latina with big brown eyes, pouty lips, perky tits and a fat ass. She came from money, so there was a pretense about her. 

I got her number, we texted and talked over the next week while I was out of town for business.

We planned for dinner on Saturday night and told me to pick her up.

Knocking on her apartment door, she took a bit to open the door. She was wearing a short red wrapped dress and high heels. Her tits were out of display. 

While driving to the restaurant,  she took my hand and held it in the car.

As we walked into the restaurant,  she linked her arm in mine and always snuggled in.

She flirted throughout dinner, finding ways to touch me. Finding ways to take my hand to touch her.

She was thick and fit. I wanted her badly.

I drove her home. She asked if I wanted to come up and watch a movie.

I sat on the couch and she sat right next to me and held my hand. 

I leaned in to kiss her and she nudged back.

She put her hand and my thigh and I was instantly hard.

I pushed her hand towards my cock and she pulled it away.

She looked at me and asked if I liked her big tits 

I nodded.

She whispered in my ear  I couldn't have them. She told me I couldn't have her. 

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. 

It's so big. You will hurt my little pussy. 

I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed it down 

She kissed the head of my cock and pulled back

You need to go, she told me

I stood up with my cock in her face.

You need to suck it.


I pushed my cock in her face and she sucked the tip.

There, now go.

I pushed it back in her mouth. My cock between her thick pouty lips and those big brown eyes looking up at me.

I rubbed my cock on her face.

Get out.

I grabbed her by the throat and pushed her back against the couch.

She spread her legs.

I'm going to scream. 

I squeezed her throat. Go ahead.

Help me she yelled

I squeezed her throat tighter, and pushed her down.

I reached under her dress, sliding my hand up her thick firm thigh. 

Soaking wet underwear. I slide them off and put them in my pocket

Don't. She said.

I kept my hand on her throat and slid my cock in her soaking pussy. 

I slid in and out.

She kept eye contact with me as I worked her.

I took ny hand off her throat to pull out her tits, she fought to get up. I pushed her back down.

You're mine.

I slid my cock deeper and faster.

Grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples

She moaned out. 

I pumped her deep and hard as she moaned.

I pulled out. My cock was soaked with her pussy juice

Daddy, put it back in.


Daddy, put it in.


She jerked my cock and rubbed her pussy.

She moaned out.  I want to cum on your cock. Put it in


She fingered herself, and jerked my cock.

She moaned out and started to cum 

She squeezed and jerked my cock.

I shot my load all over her big tits and dress.

She moaned out as she came to her fingers inside her pussy and rubbing her clit.




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