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The cheeky maid threeway - her point of view


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Imagine coming home from a long day at work, you yell out to let me know but I dont answer. You hear music going and all of a sudden you hear a little chuckle. You call my name but no answer, you head down to the bedroom and hear another little laugh. The door is ajar, you peak through and see myself getting dressed up in my maid outfit and then you see another girl getting dressed up. You're just standing there watching us. You notice start to kiss, I'm kissing her neck as I'm running my hand across her breasts. You watch as I push her onto the bed, taking her breasts out of her outfit, you watch as I kiss her, kissing down her neck, brushing my lips over her nipples. You start feeling your thick hard cock grow, you start rubbing through your pants, your cock getting harder as you're watching me run my tongue down her pussy, circling it around her clit, she let's out a moan. While I'm eating her pussy, I hear a moan coming from the door. I stop and walk over to find you standing there, with your cock in your hand. I welcome you home by kissing you, you taste her pussy on my lips, as I grab you by the shirt and push you onto the bed, removing your pants. We both kneel in front of you, you feel our tongues running up eat side of your hard cock. Our lips lock as we reach the tip of your cock. I wrap my lips around your knob and you feel her tongue circling your balls, you look up and see your cock disappearing down my throat. You moan, as you pull me up on top of you, kissing you, I feel your hard cock tease my pussy. As you slide your cock in, I moan instantly, you start fucking me nice and hard, as you wrap your hand around my throat, my friend is circling her tongue around your balls and the bottom of your shaft. You roll me over so you're on top. Both of us girls lay down next to each other, kissing, as you kiss down my body, I feel your tongue circling my clit, you stop and tell my friend to squat over my face, so while you're eating me I'm going to be eating her We're both moaning, you tell her to get on all fours and you want me to lay down in front of her. You come up behind her and whisper in her ear that you want her to eat me while you're fucking her brains out. Her tongue feels so good. She's going to make me cum. My legs start shaking, you tell her to stop right before i cum, teasing me, making me want more. You make us switch. I start eating her wet dripping pussy, tasting your cock and her pussy juices. I feel your tongue circling my ass. You know how much it turns me on. I feel your cock teasing you pussy, before you lean over and tell me I'm a dirty little slut. You slap my ass and wrap your hand around my throat, squeezing tightly, I'm gasping for air but you want me to continue teasing my friend with my tongue. I feel like I'm about to cum on your cock, I ask you if I can cum on your cock. You tell me yes but I have to make my friend cum at the same time. I cum all over your cock as she cums over my tongue. You tell us both to get on our knees, I kiss her and let her taste herself. I look into your eyes as I tell you I want you to cum in her mouth, so I can taste you by kissing her.
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