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Lilly:part 2


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Chapter 2:Sisters


How they laugh, mostly fun now 9 months on. Some sadness, the occasional tear when they talk of him, a man who brought light, happiness and joy to both women. Coffee they drink and gossip they share, things all talk about, no different to everyone else. Talk of the world and those they know But eventually the talk turns to the future. Lilly knows not to push, understands fully that  all process grief and loss at their own pace so no pressure, no talk of the future…….. the girl must broach the subject herself. 


Lilly knows though, the Witch

within helped her feel that the moment she answered the phone. The girl was here for much more than a chat and a coffee, so patience she shows, letting the girl choose her time to talk of the future.


"I'm going to look for a job" Sophie says strangely blurting it out as if she seeks approval.

"That's great news, any ideas?" "No, not as yet, but it's time now. Gotta stop moping around, time to get positive and get myself back into the world."

"And what of this world girl?" Still calling her that, a refusal to ever use her name. It always makes Sophie smile on the inside, as for her it's a special name, something for them and them only. "To be honest Lilly it's not even crossed my mind, I think my sex drive died the day he did" A lie and she knows it. To admit her sexuality while still grieving seems a betrayal and not one she wished to admit, even to her closest and most trusted of friends, but most of all not something she wishes to admit to herself, but Lilly long ago did away with lies so confronts directly, understanding perfectly the girl hesitation to admit the truth. "A lie girl, do not take me for a fool" said with conviction but gently, with affection. A pause and deep thought before a reply, an understanding that to lie to this woman makes no sense so she blurts it out, her words coming in torrents, a flood, and Lilly understands. She misses the world, feels less on the outside, how she felt before she met him, yet she feels shame craving such things after losing him such a short time ago. "You wish to learn, become what he Intended yes?" No time to answer, Lilly knowing what she must do doesn't give her much choice. She knows she needs her by her side, instinct and fate demand it.

"Its settled then, you are to work with me, all i know I will pass on to you, you will shadow me, ask, learn and evolve." Lilly knows she's mainly submissive but won't be ready for those sort of games for some time yet, so what better way than to reintegrate her than by her side, under her

protection and guidance.

"I have a client tonight at 6, he has a two hour session booked, may as well throw you in at the deep end. Home now girl, you know what type of clothing to wear, back here for five please so we can go through a few things before we begin." A smile our girls face shows, and Lilly knows she is on the correct course, her instinct to press the girl the correct one. 


Showered and fresh the girl inspects herself in the mirror, no longer a girl who sees no beauty. She can see how alluring her curves are, she's not that unflattering after all, and with his guidance and patience a stunning woman is being born both with beauty and confidence. He built all this within before he left and a fine job he did too.  Five feet exactly, 139 pounds, Red hair, but dark auburn, the colour of fallen leaves in Autumn. Green eyes encased in a face that at first glance looks decidedly ordinary but upon closer inspection a true beauty who only wears light makeup. Curvy, slim waist, but

big hips and boobs, black Basque and gloves that reach almost to her elbows, black pencil skirt that seems to be sprayed on, black sheer pull ups and 6 inch black high heels. Not too bad but she needs to look her best if she is to train with Lilly. 


At that precise moment as sisters do Lilly is also looking into the mirror to inspect herself. Pitch black hair, hip length but when working always tied back in a bun so as not to interfere with her duties. Slim and tall, almost 6ft, dark brown eyes, some would say almost black, smothered in tattoos. Many connecting her to events she has lived, many linking her to a much more distant past, a past based In Bideford, markings that contain power she draws from Mother Earth, strange inscriptions that only she and those like her are meant to understand. "She is an unusual one" she muses as her eyes remain on the mirror, but the girl, ahhhhh the girl, she is something else entirely Lilly knows, as Lilly tilts towards the dark the girl tilts towards the light ………balance, always balance, as it should be. 


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