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Dark Daddy Pool Time (CNC)


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It had been a very long week. Work and life had been kicking your ass. Daddy's flight wasn't landing until super late. He said he would just cab home and not to wait up for him.


You poured yourself a very large glass of wine and settled into your book on the couch.


When your glass of wine was finished, you decided to pour another and take a dip in the pool.


Air was still humid and hot.


Water was cool and refreshing. 


You floated in the water.


The dogs stirred in the house. 


You peaked in, but didn't see anything. 


We went back to floating. 


The air was still, almost tense.


It was probably in your head.


You dipped all the way under and popped out, deciding it was time to go in.


The night was quiet. Oddly quiet.


You grabbed your towel and as you went to whirl it around your body, the force of the towel shifted over your head. The towel covered your head, a hand over your jaw, and an arm wrapped around you.


Don't fight or I squeeze.


Terrified, your immediate reaction was to tense up and push back.


Immediately,  he squeezed.


Forcing you forward and pushing you down on the lounge chair, he pulled your bikini bottoms off. Head covered by the towel and hand on your mouth. 


Keeping your head covered and wrapping the towel around your neck like a choke leash, you were bent over.


Hard to breathe.


He slide his.thumb into your pushy, and rubbed your clit with his fingers.


No. Stop.


He tugged on the towel and choked you.


Your pussy was soaked. Excitement or fear?


You felt him slowly working his cock inside you.


Don't. Please. Stop. 


He pulled tighter on the towel and rammed his cock in your pushy.


You moaned out.


Fucking whore.


He pumped you hard and fast, tugging on the towel, choking you, pulled off your bikini top and squeezed your tips and tugged on your nipped


Fuck. I'm going to cum you moaned.


He fucked harder and deeper and faster.


I'm cumming you screamed.


He tugged on the towel as you came

You felt light headed from the orgasm and lack of oxygen.


You collapsed onto the lounge chair.


He took the towel off of your head.

Laying on your back dazed.


All you could make out was a dark figure standing over you.


He stroked his cock.


You felt his hot sticky cup shoot all over your face and tits as you lay out infront of him in a post orgasm coma.


He fed you his cock so you could suck out the rest of his cum.


Good girl he said.


Thank you Daddy. I didn't expect you home until later.

Shit… now I wanna go swimming
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