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**TW** kidnapped and kept in a dungeon


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**Trigger Warning** - Reason: Kidnapped/Abduction 


You hear a sound outside your house
You come out to check if it was the pizza you ordered all of a sudden you get blindfolded and rough handled in the trunk and all you could hear all the way down is the sound of the engine roaring
It just started as a normal day but here you are
Here you are in the trunk heading to an unknown place
It's all happening very fast your brain can't articulate what's happening
All of a sudden the car stops and so does your heart
You trying to fight your way out
But you can't. You can't even feel your legs no more
You feel a very soft warm hands dragging your body to a place...
You could feel the light fading even though you are still blindfolded
You could hear water dripping
Suddenly your brain begins to realize
What just happened
You have been kidnapped And kept in a dungeon

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