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Beyond Desire


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In my mind there was no time line
Only space to set my desires a blaze

My body in pure ecstasy
The feeling that remains for days

Like a vision before you
Bound in ropes this feeling is fresh and new like the morning dew

Could it be so that something is in my throat
I am restrained and bound to you
I am choking on it, now how to say it

The tears down my face are for my enjoyment
My hands only to set a rhythm and keep a pace

When my eyes stop running in that moment I look up and I can feel you cumming

My passion is ignited by the desire in your eyes if only that look could hold me still but now it would be against my will

Laid bare and open
Only to be caught as you lie there in your feeling of bliss

If only I had known I would have given you one last kiss

I will not be same forever changed as I cannot go back to where I had been before

As I am walking out the door I don’t turn to look back and no attack just grateful for the person I have become now that we are done

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