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The Throuple


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Typical afternoon on the prowl
I can barely control my growl
What are the hunting grounds today lets see
Library, museum, park, or maybe a grocery store I'll be
Spidey senses are taking me this way
It's the same path I took the other day
Walking to my own drummer beat
I see a familiar set of feet
The same lady reading a book on the grass
Red hair and a big ole ass
She met my eyes with a scowl
I responded with a loud growl
This turned her scowl into a smirk
I fake tying my shoe to peek up her skirt
She pick up my move right away
Stood up with urgency, walking with a sway
You a perv with nerve, I'm calling the cops
My apologies, I learn that dumb move from my pops
There's a problem with me, can't you see
I just love me some pussy
I have it bad, real fucking bad
Throuple LS makes me glad
She stepped back like she was about to run
My words clearly had her stun
What she said next shocked me to the core
You talk to me as you secretly knew I was a whore
This Throuple LS is also a fantasy of mines
As I love dick and women with great big behinds
Continue to tell me your LS choices
Do you like pussy with sexy voices?
Little lady you're enhancing my vibe
Lets talk about joining my tribe
If we're compatible it can be pure ecstasy
And together we can prowl for some pussy
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