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Spiritual Sexuality Resources Directed at Men?


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I'm curious about spirituality and how I might be able to bring the spiritual into my life, though I'm still only at the beginning of the journey.

Among the things I've been looking into is spirituality in sexuality, which on the internet almost exclusively focuses on tantra. Furthermore, it's extremely difficult to find good resources targeted either at men/people with penises or is not targeted at any specific gender/sex. The good resources, I've found focus on the feminine aspect of spirituality and sexuality - particularly the inherited traumas of women and how to heal them - and while I think it's important to build an insight into the entirety, I'm really missing something that can help me move on in my own personal journey as a man.

The content targeted at men/people with penises seems to emphasise physical and mental techniques such as breath work, mindfulness and grounding (and the effects on ED and PE)  rather than addressing the spiritual aspects of sexuality and how to get in touch with that side of one self.

So can you suggest youtubers, websites or books that that either focus on the male/penis-bearing population or on the broader picture of spirituality in sexuality as a whole?
And it doesn't have to be tantric resources. I'm interested in learning from all branches of spirituality. Resources on sex(ual) magic in different cultures is also welcome - not that I'm planning on going that route, but I think it's interesting.


Please feel free to make recommendations however please keep in mind no external links are allowed other than Youtube and Vimeo video links, links to Wikipedia articles and Instagram posts which are permitted, anything outside of that will be removed.

Sex magick is spiritual. It's not always a spell and many times doesn't require many items or a "ritual" or even another person. Magick in general doesn't have to follow a routine or a doctrine unless you want to. A start in the research process may be looking up "What is sexual magic" and looking for the Glorian blog. It has different topics that may be of use to you. You can skip past the tantric part! If anything, it may lead you where you need to be. Also, spell magic with a "k" and see what comes up! I hope this helps.
I came here to comment on sex magic but it’s already done :)
Highly recommend “the way of the superior man” fits your interest to the T
Hi Cupio,

You may consider doing work in the different areas separately, and then bringing them together yourself. With your own influence, introspect and feel.

Do some work studying the deep masculine. Iron John by Robert Bly. King, warrior, magician, lover by Robert Moore and David Deida's twotsm already mentioned.

Work on understanding your own divine feminine too, and your way of blending with feminine aspects when met externally. The best way to do this in my exoerience, is to love amazing women, fearless women. Contract around your learning journey... In my 20s i also got a lot directly from 'women who run wirh wolves' Robert A Johnson's 'Lying wirh the Heavenly Woman' (and his earlier 'He' and 'She') are all great.

Then to sexual spirituality... Yes, tantra is the bees knees. Start with tantra illuminated by Christopher D Wallis. Or if you want a road less travelled take the Aghora trilogy by Robert S Svoboda. Also check out online courses by Raja Choudhury of a thousand suns academy.

Then bring them to blend with your own experience.
I found Katrina Bos's Youtube content pretty wholesome
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