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I knew it she thought to herself as she lay there in her own wet mess. Watching as he quickly dressed and noticing he couldnt seem to wipe the smile from his face. I cant ever tell anyone but I knew I was right. Hedonist. Thats exactly what she guessed his role was. They both knew they could  Never tell anyone what happened and it would never happen again But in the back of both of their minds they would never forget

It started weeks before with  little flirtatious glances, some Accidental touching, rubbing,  grazing each other. The tension was building with each night passing. Until one night neither one of them could take it any longer and this was their opportunity. The kid and his girl would be gone so he wouldn't have to rush home. They snuck away to a secluded room that security had given her a key for. Just in case.

They waited until everyone else left the parking lot and walked back through the doors so as not to be seen. They were both nervous, but even more excited. She sat on the edge of the bed and waited for him to come closer. She grabbed his belt loops and pulled him into her. They began to kiss. And his lips moved slowely down to her neck. Cupping her breasts. He began slowly pulling off her pants. Followed by her panties and begin to lick and kiss her thighs.

She ran her hands through his hair and pulled just slightly. He ate her pussy. Slurping it up with every single  drip. He quickly pulled his pants off. For such a small built man she could feel his raging cock between her legs. He began to fuck her and she let out a moan. Slowly he put a hand over her mouth to quiet her.

He flipped her over And began to take her from behind. Pulling her hair and smacking her ass. He pulled out his now dripping wet, hard and big cock, and put it it into her ass. While simultaneously rubbing her clitoris. Causing the bed to become soaked. He then pulled it out again and put it back in your pussy fucking her until they both came.


Excellent, so what is going to happen next?  Is there a Next???


very sensual id love to hear more from you


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