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Is it me?


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As I lay awake thinking of you
Smelling like after sex plus two
I ask myself why me?
Why do you yearn what's between my legs
Just as much as the knowledge in my head?
Face to face at my every turn
Begging submissively for more to learn
Absorbing conversations of astrology and philosophy
Doing the self care to work out your psychology
Rationalizing irrationality
Bringing calm to my chaos
Is it me?
The only one that thinks you are make believe
A mermaid seen on the open sea
Unrealistic as a giraffe
Climbing a tree
Gazing at your breasts rise
Your organ donor including my eyes
Cleaning my moisture off your soft thighs
Is it me?
Hunting as you flee
Free use is the bet
Willing to caress your silhouette
Masterbating later to the memory
Of time well spent
Orgasmic explosions that can pay the rent
I know why it's me
Respect, eye to eye is how we see
Until ownership is given
Consent is communicated
Safety first is demonstrated
Trust is liberated
At last, in love with the penetrated
Not all
The beginning is big but small
Journey, commitment for the long haul
Is the meat to the potatoes
Remembering your allergic to tomatoes
As you stir to turn
My penis springs and my chest yearns
Your eyes open, your lips smile
Yes it's me that you see
Precious hang on and open up
I'm going downtown
You can deliver my mail there
I'll be down there a while
Is it me?
That patiently lies awake
To devour a submissive from top to bottom
Like a last plate
Is it me?
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