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V is for Victorian (Pt 1)


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We arrived early on a beautiful calm summer evening. The city was bustling with people zigzagging through the streets. With all the chaos surrounding us I felt alone and at peace with her, waiting for the ok to enter our ultimate fantasy destination…The Victorian Room. 

We are guided through the dungeon hallway to our layer. As we entered the room immediately we knew this was the perfect setting for us. Black and red was the color theme. We looked at each other and collectively knew we were going to enjoy every moment together. We were going to push each other’s boundaries and limits without fear or hesitation. All the doubts we had potentially expected planning for this evening had been eliminated by the endless supply of trinkets and equipment that would fulfill our kinks. Cool to the touch steel chains that dangled over our heads attached to a blood red leather harness bed. My imagination ran a muck just knowing all the positions we both were going to be in while orgasming. Cuffed to steel with no escape. Pure orgasmic bliss was my goal for her. Subspace was eminent. My goal was to make her feel free and loved. 

These goals I had envisioned were knowingly put on hold while I hoisted myself onto the rotating Saint Andrew’s Cross. Her cold to the touch red leather dress pressed against my bare back as she straps each wrist and ankle to the cross. Grazing her perfect breasts against my hyper sensitive skin. She knows all my trigger spots and how to provoke my primal sexual instincts and energy. Leaving me looking for a way to already escape these restraints and take charge and consume her honey she knows I desperately crave. Just at that moment, a strike from the flogger readjusted my focus and role. I must follow orders or the punishment she will ensue won’t be euphoric, at least for me. She’s in her zone and it’s incredibly endearing and beautiful to witness. How lucky can a man be? 

Shall I continue? 


Oh yeah please do it is very intoxicating to read love it
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