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The Anniversary


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I was arriving at the table at the same time as Baby's second glass of wine.


Knob Creek, neat at said to the waiter, as I slid next to her in the booth.


I leaned in for a kiss, but she turned away and took a sip from your glass.


Sorry im late. I thought you meant the other restaurant where we had our first date. I smiled.


Baby was wearing the merlot colored dress I bought for her when I was in Paris last month. It fit like a glove. It hugged her curves and showed off her sensational luscious bust.


Baby leaned over and whispered in my ear. I tilted my head down as I leaned in. I stole a close up view of her big perky tits.


She put her finger under my chin and lift up my head. You don't need to tilt your head to listen.


We drank and whispered.


She started.... I spent all day at the spa and salon.  Got my hair and nails done. Everything....EVERYTHING waxed just for Daddy.


She took my hand and slid it up her smooth, soft leg, to her thigh and then up to per pussy. No panties. 

She was soaking wet.


All of this for you. All of this with your money. But.... you can't have it. Can't even show up on time. You can't show Baby how much she means to you by being there.


Baby, I started...


She put her finger over my mouth.


Food arrived.


She teased me with her words and whispers as we ate.


After dinner, we walked to the car. I opened the door for her and grabbed her ass as she bent over to get in. She shot me a look as I closed the door.


I walked to the other side of the car and reached for the door handle. She locked the door.


I clicked the remote and opened the door.


As soon as we got into the highway, she leaned over and pulled out my cock. She stroked me until I was hand and the sucked on me as I drove. Slow and soft.  Teasing me and driving me wild.


I pulled into the driveway. She stopped.  Patted me on the chest and shrugged. Baby got out of the car.


I caught up to her as she walked through the front door and up the stairs to the bedroom.


I grabbed her ass. She kept slapping my hands away.


As she entered the door to the bedroom she turned and stopped.






Champagne, she nodded.


I walked downstairs and grabbed a bottle of champagne from the fridge with 2 glasses.


As I entered the door, Baby was on all 4s with her ass to the door finger fucking herself. 


I put down the glasses.


I poured the champagne on her pussy and ass while she worked herself. 


I poured more. She moaned as the cold bubbles ran down her ass and pussy


I buried my face in her pussy, and started eating it from behind.


Sucked her clit. Put my tongue deep deep in her pussy and grabbed her hips with both hands and pulled her in closer.


She screamed and came on my face.


I poured champagne on her ass hole and licked it off. Licked it more. Fingers her pussy while I licked her champagne soaked ass hole.  She came again. Screamed out as she squirted. 

I worked my finger in her asshole. 


Fuck it, she moaned.




Fuck my tight little asshole and show me that you own me Daddy.


I slowly worked my cock in her asshole. She moaned out more and more as I filled her up inch by inch.


I worked her slow and deep.


Who's ass is this?


Yours Daddy!


I slapped her ass cheek.


Who's ass is this?


Daddy it's your ass.


I pumped her faster, and deeper and harder.


She screamed and rubbed her pushy. She came again with my cock in her ass.


I couldn't hold it any more. I pumped her deep and fast with my hands on her hips pulling her back into me.


I came hard. My cock swelled as it exploded in her ass, shooting my Daddy juice inside her tight ass hole.


Baby fell flat on her stomach. 

Thank you Daddy. Oh and Happy Fucking Anniversary. 

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