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Patience - Dark Daddy (trigger warning)


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Baby, I was thinking while I am out of town this week, I don't want you to cum. 


Wait. What?


I don't want you to cum this week. Wait for me to get back. It's just 4 days, then we have a long weekend.


Daddy, that's not fair.


I won't cum either.


Daddy, I love FaceTime play when you're in a hotel.


We will still FaceTime,  just no cumming. 




Promise me you'll be a good girl.


I promise Daddy.



Hey Baby, I'm at the airport now. I should land in a few hours then I will uber home.


Were you a good girl while Daddy was gone?


Yes Daddy.


You didn't rub your pussy and cum like Daddy told you, right?






...... Daddy.




Daddy, I missed you so much. And I was wearing your t-shirt that smells like you...


(Hang up)




Baby called Daddy back, but it went straight to voicemail.



Hours had gone by and Daddy didn't arrive home.

Baby called Daddys phone and it kept going straight to voice-mail.


A storm was rolling in. Thunder and lightening off in the distance. It started to rain heavily. 


Baby cuddled up on the couch and started to read.


Still no Daddy.


She tried his phone again, but still the same result. 


Baby closed up the house and went to bed to read.


She fell asleep


She awoke to a cold metal chain around her neck. She opened her eyes to a pitch black room.

The choker collar squeezed around her neck and she gasped for air. 


She clawed at the choker.


The voice started. You couldn't even help yourself. 

He eased the choker. 


Baby gasped. She breathed heavily. 

She started... Dadd.... (slap across her face)


Shut the fuck up.


He tugged on her nipple.

She moaned.


Daddy takes such good care of you.  Daddy gives you everything.  


He tugged on the choker.


You had to be a slut and touch your pussy when Daddy told you to wait.


He clamped her nipples and attached it to the choker.


She moaned out again.


He tugged on the chains.


She was on the edge of cumming 


He mounted her and spread her legs wide. He worked his cock slowly in her ass with her on her back.


She moaned out, he tugged on her clamps and choker.


He rubbed her clit hard and slow as he pumped her ass.


He wouldn't take her over the edge.


She moaned out and begged. Please. Please. Please.


He slapped her on the face and held her down.


You were a greedy whore this week and came when Daddy said no.


He pumped her ass slowly and deep with long hard strokes. 


He rubbed her clit and pinched it.

He tugged on her nipple clamps.


She begged him to take her over the edge.




She squirmed, but couldn't do anything under his weight.


He pumped her ass harder and deeper.

He slowed down.  Long hard strokes. 


She felt his cock swell as it exploded in her ass.


She moaned out. Her body was numb and vibrating.


He rubbed her clit hard and fast with his cock still in her ass.


She came hard immediately.  She squirted all over him. He didn't stop.


I kept rubbing her clip hard and fast, tugging on her choker and clamps.


She screamed.  She yelled for Daddy.


She screamed over and over as she came and squirted. One orgasm on top of another. 


Her body throbbed. Her neck was sore. He nipples hurt.


The light came on and Daddy came into the room


Hi baby, Flight was delayed. Let's get you into the shower 


Thank you daddy 


57 minutes ago, principessa_ said:

I want my own dark daddy.

Oh I do love reading your stories Sir… 

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