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The Next Time


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Playing with my Special Good Girl @Gimmemorecoffee



I called Baby as I entered the hotel.




Baby I'm here.


Room 1116.


I barely knocked once before Baby opened the door.




She jumped into my arms, hugged me and kissed me all over my face.


I pushed her into the room and kissed her deeply.


I took her by the neck and pushed her away. She looked shocked and anxious. 


I pushed her against the wall. She tried to push through my grip and kiss me. I squeezed harder.


Strip to you bra and panties I told her.


I took off my suit and shirt.


She was standing infront of me, impatiently.


I stripped naked and walked past her into the bedroom.


She quickly followed behind me.


I laid on the bed.


She went to get on the bed.


Stop. Look at me.


She licked her lips, and gazed at me.


Are you Daddys Special Good Girl?


Yes Daddy.


You want to make Daddy happy?


Yes Daddy, I love making you happy.


Do you want to cum on Daddys cock?




OK. Daddy is going to lay here and let you show me how much I mean to you. How much you want to please me. Understood?


Yes Daddy.


Baby crawled onto the bed and kissed my inner thigh. She licked all the way up and kissed my cock.


She licked my other thigh, all the way down.  She leaned forward and sucked on my thigh as my cock swelled, growing against  her face.


She bit down and sucked on my thigh hard. 


My cock swelled.


She looked at me and smiled.


She took my cock in her mouth and sucked hard on the tip.


I took a deep breath and exhaled.


She swallowed more and more of me.


She struggled to fit all of me in her mouth and throat,  but tried.  She fucked her of face on my cock. Sloppy and wet. She took me in her mouth with long and deep strokes. Keeping eye contact.

She rubbed my cock all over her face.


She started kissing up my body. Stomach, Ribs, chest, nipples, neck, face and then mouth.


She straddled me and slid my cock into her soaked pussy.


She just stopped. Didn't move. 

Your cock is perfect. Fills me up and stretches me out. Fucking perfect Daddy.


She slowly grinded to adjust to the feeling of being so filled up.


Moving faster and deeper.


She moaned out.


Daddy reached up and pulled a tit out of her bra cup and pinched her nipple.


She came and screamed out as she squirted on Daddys cock.


Oh my God. I can't believe I came so fast she panted.


She slid down and suck on Daddys cock. Sucking her squirt and cum off of Daddy and then slid back up and put my cock back inside her.


She grinded and bounced on my cock while I played with her tits. Pinching her nipples. Squeezing her huge breasts. Sucking on her nipples. Biting them.


Daddy, I'm going to cum again. 


Cum Baby, cum for Daddy.


She leaned over and kissed me, sucking on my tongue as she came. 


She came hard. Sucking on my tongue harder and kissing me.


She squirted again and again on my cock.

She moaned out and screamed. 


Her body shook. She kept bouncing and grinding.

She kept cumming and cumming as I sucked on her nipples and squeezed her ass.


I pumped my hips up and down as held her hips in place. Sucked on her nipples. Cock sliding in and out of her squirting pussy. 


She screamed and moaned, drifting out of reality.


She rolled off of me as her body shook. Still pulsating.  Still throbbing.


I stood next to the bed and stroked my cock over her body as she still squirmed from the aftershocks. 


She needs one more, I thought.


I turned her body so he ass was hanging off the bed and slid my clock in. Pinned her legs up on my shoulders and pumped her.


One hand on her throat, then other hand grabbed, squeezing, pinching and slapping her ties.


I pumped her hard deep and fast.


Right as she was on the edge of cumming again my clock swelled inside her.


I came hard as she came right on top of my orgasm.


She screamed out again and creamed on my cock as I filled her pushy with my cream.


I fell on her panting. I kissed her chest, neck and lips.


As I pulled my cock out, she stuck her fingers in.

Fingers covered with my cum,  she stuck them in her mouth and sucked on them.

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