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Shout out to my ex…


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Thank you.

You know exactly who you are and you know exactly what you did for me.

You reminded me what a good, genuine, real man is.

You taught me to trust again.

You helped me learn how to have a voice again.

You helped me believe in myself again.

You helped me to heal.

I can’t thank you enough for reminding me that good men exist and to give people the benefit of the doubt.

I royally messed things up with you and I understand why there was no come back.

My inability to believe I was worthwhile and enough lost me an amazing man.

I know that when you’re ready you’ll find what you need and desire and I pray to God you’re happy.

Thank you for opening me to the possibility of something.

Thank you for still lingering in my head with the lessons you taught me.

But mostly thank you for being you.

To anyone whose relationship has ended please try to remember the lessons you were taught from it - whatever they may be  people come into our lives for a reason, sometimes we don’t completely understand that until they have left or lives.

Much love to you,


Still here to chat if you want or need. ❤️‍🩹
15 minutes ago, ThaliaVirago said:

Still here to chat if you want or need. ❤️‍🩹

I know hunni. I’m good, I just wanted to acknowledge this amazing Dom x 


Guys, you’re all lovely. The breakup was a little while ago and I’m ok. I just needed to write about him so people know there are good, honest, genuine, wonderful people on here x


Eh? i was never your Dom :p

Seriously though. I am glad you are okay and that he helped you, I am happy to hear you are believing in yourself again, that you understand you have worth and that trustworthy people are out there. You know I already think you are amazing and glad you are starting to feel and believe it too. Hopefully you will continue to grow and see yourself as others do :) x

I love the spirit of this post
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