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What we need sometimes...

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Do you ever just want someone to take care of you?
Not like paying your way,
Like wake you up with kisses and their hands between your legs,good morning kiss with breakfast. Run your shower and wash your body. To get every inch, spread your legs and rub your most sensitive area making you cum all over their hands, then lick you clean...
When you have a bad, kiss your body and tell you everything is okay. They will help.
Starting to undress you, kissing and biting down your body. There grip on your skin just as tight as your hold on them..gripping your thighs as they rip them apart...tasting your core.
You won't have to lift a finger. Just accept that they know whats best and can handle everything.
Someone who knows you and your body more than anything else. When you need nice and safe they fold their arms around you and gently make love. Wrapping there hands around your neck gently. Hands gripping your ass like it's holding them on this planet.There body needing you just as much....
Or when you need and crave more, they can give you that. They can tie you up and flog you just the way your craving....
Someone who can tell you what you need and how you feel..
Your brain can be mushed up the can straiten you back to tip-top shape...
That sounds beautiful. Apart from the being flogged bit. It’s not so dissimilar from having a good subbie who knows how to take care of me.
Well I’m now definitely awake that does sound tempting both ways round although the neck gripping and flogging I’ve little experience one side and none the other
Waiting for the man to come to me
Oh lord yes🥰🥰🥰
Waiting for the day someone will turn my brain into mush 😵‍💫
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