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Baby and Daddy had a deal. If Baby tapped out, Baby had to get a playtoy for Daddy.


Baby tapped out. She screamed the safe word when Daddy had her legs pinned up on his shoulders and he was fucking her ass.


Deal as a deal.


Baby was not allowed to cum until after the playtoy made Daddy cum. 


Baby reached out to the playtoy she knew Daddy would like. The Throat GOAT. The Throat GOAT was a black woman with perky fake 34Cs and a tight, fit body. Marisa and Baby met at the gym and hit it off. 


Daddy wouldn't fuck her, but Daddy would get swallowed and pleasured by her while Baby watched. 


But, until Daddy was pleasure by the playtoy, Baby would not get any satisfaction. 


Baby was craving to please and be pleasured by Daddy.  Every morning,  watching him shower.  Shave. Get dressed in his suits. The smell of him lingering in the house after he left. 


She was so happy to see him in the evenings. Daddy coming home to his baby. Kisses and cuddles for Baby. 


Baby was laying on her side, reading in bed, when Daddy came to the bedroom. He slid up next to her and spooned her. Arms wrapped around her holding one of her DDD breaststroke.


She backed her ass up against Daddys crotch. 

Baby wiggled and grinded.




Yes Baby?


Um... I know you said nothing until after I pay my punishment.....




But I was hoping.....


Baby. Rules are rules. We have an agreement and an understanding.  We bend those rules and break our understanding,  and everything else falls into chaos. You don't want chaos do you?




Daddy pinched her nipple.


She yelped.


Do you want choas?


No Daddy.


He squeezed and caressed her boob, and pulled her in tighter. He kissed her on the neck and cheek, whispering, that's why you're my special good girl.


Daddy was up in the office when Marisa arrived.

Daddy came down to the living room to find Baby and Marisa sitting on the couch.


Oh Daddy, you're in for a treat Marisa said.


Daddy sat on the couch, and Baby sat next to him.

Marisa stripped down to her panties. She shoved her fake perky tits in Daddys face.


Daddy grabbed her tips, and sucked on her nipples as Baby watched.


Baby licked her lips and swallowed hard.


Marisa kissed Daddys forehead. 

Kissed his cheeks.

Marisa's lips were inches away from Daddys lips.

She held his gaze.

She looked at Baby. Baby squirmed.

Marisa shook her head and kissed Daddys neck and chest.


She slid off Daddys pants and underwear to find Daddys hard cock.


Mmmmm.... look at that she said.

That cock is big and mean, but I bet it is a wonderful Daddy cock.


She kissed the head of Daddys cock.


Daddy held Baby by the hand and interlocked fingers.


1, 2, 3, Marisa said. Then swallowed Daddys dick whole and sucked on it while it was down her throat.


Daddy groaned and squeezed Baby's hand.


Baby crossed and uncrossed her legs.


Marisa released Daddys cock from her mouth

It was wet and sloppy with spit. 


Your Daddy has a delicious cock she said to Baby.


Marisa proceeded to suck on Daddys cock. Head moving up and down. No hands. Swallowing all of Daddy with every motion down. 


Baby was squirming and drooling.

She let go of Daddys hand, grabbed his thigh and squeezed.


Hold this for me, Marisa said to Baby, putting Daddys cock in her hand. Marisa proceeded to suck on Daddys balls while Baby squeezed Daddys cock.


Baby slowly moved her hand up and down Daddys cock while Marisa sucked his balls.


Slap it on my my face. Baby slapped Daddys cock on Marisas face. 


Rub it on my face. Baby rubbed Daddys cock all over Marisas face.


Thank you Marisa said and took Daddys cock. In her mouth.


Baby squeezed Daddys thigh. 


Marisas mouth went up and down. Down and up on Daddys cock.


She swallowed all of Daddy.


Baby watched. Soaking wet. 

Baby could tell Daddy was on the edge.


He's going to cut.


Marisa sucked Hardee and fasted.


Daddy moaned out as he came in Marisas mouth.

His head shot back as he gasped. She sucked hard to get all Daddys cum out.


She released Daddys cock.

Daddy shook his head and smiled.


Marisa opened her mouth and showed Daddy and Baby her mouth full of cum.


She slid infront of Baby and pulled down Baby's panties and pushed up her skirt.


Marisa spread Baby's legs and buried her face in her pussy. She pushed all of Daddys cum into her pussy.


Baby squirmed, and grinded her hips in the air.


Marisa licked her lips.

Daddy, can I make her cum?

Daddy nodded.


Marisa buried her face in Baby's cum filled and licked her clit hard and fast.


Baby moaned out and came right away.

She screamed out.

Baby squirted on Marisas face. 

She sucked harder on Baby's clit.


Daddy lean over and kissed Baby on the mouth.


Baby panted.  Thank you Daddy. Thank you.

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