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'Slut!' You shout barging through the front door. I freeze on the spot hearing your voice. You're not happy and I know why.

I stand still, looking up at you with my big eyes as you appear at the door, subconsciously biting my lip.

'Don't look at me all innocent! You've ignored all my messages all day. I thought something had happened to you.

'Sorry sir' I whisper.

You stalk over to me and place your hand around my throat, more ***fully than you usually do, making me stumble backwards and hit the wall behind me. I groan at the impact.

You lean into me 'don't ever ignore me all day again slut' you order as you squeeze my throat. 'Spread them now'

I obey immediately, widening my legs apart. You push you knee inbetween and release my throat, your full body weight pushing me further into the wall.
'What am I going to do to you slut?' You ask me.
'Whatever you want sir' I reply. You smirk 'Correct answer, you belong to me' you grab my wrist before spinning me around and pushing my wrist towards the centre of my back then repeating with my other. Holding both in one hand you push me towards the hallway. Reaching the side of the staircase you push me, my back against the spindles. 'Arms up' you tell me as you release your grip. I lift them and hold them together above my head, my short dress lifting, just covering my modesty and stay leaning against the side of my staircase. You moan to yourself at the sight of me, your cock bulging against your jeans. Opening the sideboard drawer you pull out some rope and ascend the steps on the stairs, pausing as you reach half way up. You reach between the spindles and pull my wrists towards you, making me stand on my tiptoes as you restrain me to the highest spindle I can stretch to. I moan, its uncomfortable as I try to keep my balance with uneven wood behind me.

You return to the front of me and let your eyes wander over my body. My dress now barely covering my ass and giving you a glimpse of my lace underwear.
I try to stay still, struggling just makes my balance worse and the pull of the rope nips into my skin.

You hand gently strokes the top of my thigh and I close my eyes enjoying your touch. You graze over the lace, fingers lingering just above my clit. My hips automatically push out trying to coax you in but it just causes me to lose balance. I whince as the rope digs into my skin.
'You're in a bit of a predicament aren't you slut'
You push your hand between my legs and lift me, my legs wrapping around your waist and against the bannister.
'Hmmm' you moan into my ear ' You're always so wet for me'
'Yes sir' I agree still amazed at how my body responds to your every whim.
Your fingers push at my lacey barrier and enter my pussy. I moan gently, berating myself for wearing underwear.
You forefinger pushes on my clit and I let my head roll forward onto your shoulder, moaning for you 'Good girl' you purr at me as your finger begins to circle. I close my eyes and try to regulate my breathing but your scent makes my body hone in on you and my senses take over.

You pull my low cut dress down, revealing my bra less tits and dive your tongue straight onto a nipple, flicking it and sucking. I moan loudly into you as pleasure radiates through me.
I want more of you, I need to feel all of you, my body going mad with desire. I start to gyrate my hips causing more friction with your finger on my clit.
You pull back almost instantly and let me drop knowing I won't have balance.
'Naughty slut' you scold me 'I'm in charge, not you'
My hands are gripping into my restraints as I find my feet and relieve my arms of my bodyweight.
I scowl at you, missing your touch.
You raise your eyebrow at me, questioning my demeanor and without exchanging words I soften my face
'Thats better' you tell me

You stay stood back whilst you look at me, my dress pushed up to my waist and pulled down, my chest gently rising and falling causing my tits to look fuller and then relaxed, looking *** tied to the staircase. Your cock hardens at the sight. I'm at your mercy and it excites you.

Undoing your jeans you remove them slowly, knowing its torturing me not being able to touch you and then remove your top.

You pull my knickers down my thighs and calves, helping me step out of them. Grabbing my waist you lift me and let me drop onto your cock. We both moan as we join together, a perfect fit like we were made for each other. 'Fuck sir' I breathe out.
You pull back slightly, your hands on my ass holding me up and begin to bounce me up and down.
I close my eyes again, the mixture of pleasure from your cock and *** from the jolted out wood on my back behind me starting to overwhelm and confuse my brain.
I'm close to orgasm when you pull out. I groan at you and voice my discontentment before I know I've said the words.
You grip my ass, digging your fingers in 'be carefully what you wish for slut' you tell me as you lift me higher and you kneel down. My thighs resting on your shoulders you delve your tongue straight into my pussy.
I cry out and pleasure surges through me 'fuck sir' I moan loudly.
Your tongue flicks on my clit and I whimper at you. 2 fingers push into me as your tongue continues to circle and flick my clit.
'Fuck, fuck fuck' I mumble to myself. My body shudders as your fingers curl inside of me and hit my gspot.
A third finger follows and starts to pump in and out of my body, your tongue still massaging my clit.
'Fuck sir' I cry out a little louder as a gush expels from me, soaking your face. My legs a little shaky on your shoulders.
You moan, loving that I've drenched you. A forth finger is pushed into me.
'Squirt on me again' you order as your thumb circles my clit and your fingers curl.
Your free hand pushes onto my abdomen, keeping me on place as you roughly push your fingers in and out of me.
My body at still not recovered from my last orgasm starts to spasm as i gush again all over your face.
Still not letting my body recover you push your thumb in and listen to my groan as your fist starts to push into me.
'Please sir' I beg
'What slut?'
'Please, no'
'But you're mine to do as I wish' you tell me as you twist your fist allowing my pussy to fully envelope you.
I moan loudly, the feeling of you is intense.
You start to push into me and release again getting more ***fully with each thrust. Your tongue flicking my clit gently.
'Fuck sir!' I cry out loudly as my body loses control. Squirt continously gushing over you, dripping from your face to the floor
You don't ease off me and carry on fisting me ignoring my begs and crys to stop whilst you control my continous orgasm.
You watch as my abdomen contracts as releases as each new orgasmic wave hits me.
I'm whimpering now, my body continously shuddering and convulsing.
You gently remove your fist and give my clit one last kiss.
Gently you ease me to the ground and make sure I've found some balance wirh my jelly legs.
Without warning you slap my senstive pussy. My whimpers and moans from the assault echo in the hallway, as my body convulsess through another orgasm.
'Please, no more sir'
You smirk
'You think I'm done slut?'
'I can take anymore' I beg you
'Tough' you tell me as you grab my waist, lifting me and plunging your cock into my sensitive pussy. You start to bounce me up and down immediately.
My body instantly responding again.
'Fuck' I moan out, my head now buried into your neck.
You pull back slightly, pulling me away from my restraints and stretching me away from the staircase. With your hands on my hips still you fuck me hard. Your cock going the full length in and out and watch as my body convulses back into another orgasm and squirts all over you again .
The sight of my orgasm sends you over the edge and you release you hot sticky cum onto me. You carry on fucking me, draining every last drop before returning me feet to the ground.
You release my wrists and I collapse to the floor exhausted into a puddle of my own doing.
'Fuck sir' I say looking at the mess.
You stand in front of me. 'Clean up your mess slut' you tell me and I gladly take your cock into my mouth, the taste of us both is amazing for me. I release your cock and kiss the tip of you playfully. You smile, your hands running through my hair. Grabbing a fistful of hair causing me to whince you push my head towards the floor
'Now the rest of your mess slut'
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