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Ice cube


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You have a nervous look about your face as I fasten the cuffs around your wrist. Good. I like nervous. I leave your hands by your side for now and grab a handful of your hair. You're tall. Even with towering thigh high boots on I have to stretch to reach your mouth. I kiss you. Softly, passionately, slipping my tongue inside, but I stop immediately when your hands creep up to hold my waist.
“On your knees,” I say quietly. There is no need to shout or snarl, I have your upmost attention.
You obey immediately, dropping your head. Penitent.
“What rule did you break?” I ask.
“No touching without permission, my lady.”
“No touching without permission. Well, we won't be needing these now.”
I walk around behind you and hunker down, clipping you hands quickly behind your back.
“A shame,” I say. “Who will stroke your cock now? It won't be me. I don't reward boys who can't follow simple rules.”
“I'm sorry,” you mutter.
“I'm sorry, My Lady,” you correct.
“Too late.”
The gag is already in my hand. Its a cock gag, and you hate it. It makes you feel like you're choking, you tell me. I put it in front of your face and wait for you to open your mouth. You do so at once, but even so, I wait a moment more. You think I'm dragging out the moment; really I'm waiting to see if you're going to red.
You don't, you open wider, so in the gag goes.
“Good boy. Now table position. You do remember what that is, don't you?”
You can't answer, but you immediately shift onto all fours.
“Well done.” If you were a dog, you'd wag your tail at the praise. I think I'd like that. I make a mental note to add a tail to our toy list.
“We're going to play a game,” I announce. “You're going to keep still and make sure this doesn't go anywhere.”
I grab an ice cube from the cooler bucket and run it up your sensitive side. You shudder but hold still.
So ticklish.
“If you keep the ice cube on your back, you get a reward. I think I'd like an orgasm today, and you get to give it to me. If you can't… I think we'll practise anal stretching.”
Something between a grunt and a whimper escapes you. Taking my largest dildo up your ass is something you've told me you really want to do. But you're finding the prep work hard. And we practised yesterday.
“Sore, are you?” I ask.
A nod.
“Best hold still then.”
I place the ice cube on your lower back and watch with amusement as you practically stop breathing, trying to hold as still as possible.
“Oh, you're doing very well at that,” I compliment. “There is one thing I forgot To mention.”
I reach over and grab a cane from the bed. Swish it through the air, right next to your ear. You jerk your head up and look at me, wide-eyed.
“Can't make it too easy for you, now. Can we?”
I smile. Tap the cane against your thigh, then pull back for the first strike.
I think getting the dog tail would be a great idea.
The cock gag would definitely make me gag and that would make it difficult to concentrate on balancing the ice cube on my back. As much as I would enjoy giving you the orgasm, I would probably end up failing, and sadly, for me, the cube would slide off. Then, the cock gag would have to stay in my mouth in order to keep me quiet as you shove that big dildo in my ass.
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