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Helping Out Mum's Friend (part 2). Fun fiction .

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Audrey led him to a door off the downstairs hallway; she opened the door and turned on the light. He wasn’t sure what he was seeing. It was larger than he expected, it turned out to be 2 rooms knocked into one. There were various items strewn around the rooms. There were a few unusual Leather pieces, some racking, some unusual wooden objects, and a heady smell of rubber.

Audrey led him to the center of the mess. She stroked his cock a few times and kissed him again on the lips. She let go and went over to one of the cabinets, opened the door, and pulled. 

Something off one of the shelves. It looked to Brett like some thick belt. She smiled and walked behind him. His hands felt the silk of her nightie as she passed the belt around him, pulled it tight, and buckled it at his back. She then untied his hands, took one wrist, and secured it to the belt with an attached leather manacle; she followed with the other wrist.


“Good boy,” she told him while stroking his back.


She went back to the cabinet to retrieve more items. Another set of manacles with a short chain between them for his ankles, a thick leather collar, and a couple of other things he couldn’t see.  She stroked and kissed his body as she went about securing the leather items to his body, continually telling him how good he was being. 


“MMm, we had better do something about this, don’t you think?” She asked him, cupping his balls in her hand.


He moaned as she stroked it gently with her fingers. She spread the pre cum around it’s exposed head. She slid down his body onto her knees. Looking up at him, she took his cock in both her hands and kissed the head as she pulled the skin back. His knees nearly buckled. He had never been sucked before.  She slid him slowly into her mouth, curling her tongue around the head and glans as she took it all in her mouth. She started slowly moving up and down, fluctuating the pressure of her lips and tongue. Her hand cupped his balls and massaged them gently. His head went back as far as the collar would allow. She was moving faster now, sucking hungrily. His body tensed. She felt the pulse as he exploded into her mouth. He cried out in pleasure, and she took as much as she could without swallowing. After removing her mouth, she pumped his cock a few more times to empty his balls. 


Once satisfied, she stood, took his chin in her hand, and opened his mouth. She kissed him full on the lips depositing the content of his cock into his mouth. Pulling away, she ***d his mouth shut to ensure he swallowed everything. 


He was in a shock of pleasure. He didn’t even notice Audrey attaching something else to the belt. She buckled two small straps to the front and reached between his legs. She pulled tight, and he felt his softening cock being crushed in on itself; she did something at the back. He looked down and saw that a small cup of black leather was covering his cock and balls.


“There,” she told him. That’s better, isn’t it? Have anything to say to me ?”


“Thank you, that was wonderful.”


“Yes, it was; I think from now on, you should call me Ms. Audrey or Mistress when you talk to me; what do you think ?”


“ Er, ok, yes, Ms. Audrey.”


“Good boy, now let me explain a few things. Do you know what a Dominatrix is, or have you heard of Female Domination.?”


“I think I read about Female Domination in a magazine once,”


“Well, ok, Well, I’m a Dominatrix, and I pursue a life of Female Domination, which means that to me, men and boys like yourself are put on this earth for one thing and one thing only. That is to serve me and ladies like me. When living in Rochester, I used to have what we like to call a playroom or sometimes a dungeon. It was very well equipped. Most of the stuff you see around here comes from that house. I need your help with this, setting all this how it should be.”


Brett looked around, unsure what to say. He wasn’t sure what he was getting into.


Ms. Audrey continued. “Tomorrow, a friend of mine will be coming to help us out for a while. You will address her as Ms. Cindy. Is that understood”?


“Er, yes, Ms Audrey.”


“Now, I think it’s time you paid me back a little for the treat I gave you earlier; come with me, boy,” She instructed, attaching a leash to the collar. 


He hobbled behind her. The best he could. She led him back into the lounge.  She sat on one of the chairs and had him kneel between her legs.


“Have you ever serviced a lady with your tongue before Brett?”

“No, Ms Audrey.”

“Don’t worry too much; you will get lots of practice. “


She pulled his head between her spread legs.


“Take a nice big sniff of my panties first; you will be able to tell how much you have excited..me….MM, that’s it, put your nose right in there,… that’s it, now lick and suck. I want to feel you suck me through my panties…MMM, that’s it, good boy, now kiss my panties like you're kissing a mouth ..’


Brett was struggling to stay on his knees. It was awkward to balance the way his arms were behind his back. 


She pulled her panties aside.


“Now lick me boy., get your tongue right in there .. That’s it, good, good, yessss . Keep doing that ….Emmm. Now suck… oohhhh yessss , That’s it.”


She pulled his hair and ***d his head against her pussy, and she exploded against his mouth.


He held him against her, feeling his panting breath against her throbbing clit. She lessened her grip on his hair and rubbed his head.


“Not bad, boy, not bad at all for your first time. A little more practice and you’ll be something we can all be proud of .,” she told him. 


Brett wasn’t sure what to think of that comment, but it didn’t stop him from feeling some pride for having pleased her. He wasn’t left too much time to think. She gently pushed him away from her and stood up, then told him to stand up, too. She grabbed hold of the tight leather cup covering his cock and balls and was pleased to feel a firmness there as he tried to erect in the confined space. She removed the chains between his ankles and took hold of the leash. 


He was led upstairs, past his room, to the main bedroom, where Ms. Audrey slept. A kingsized bed dominated the room; there was a small ensuite bathroom to one side and a walk-in closet on the other. The most interesting, and disturbing piece of furniture was the large dog cage at the foot of the bed.

She had him kneel at the side of the bed while she walked into her closet. She threw a couple of things on the bed.


“Look up at me, boy,” she ordered.


He looked up as ordered. 


“You’ve been very good up to now, and I’m very pleased, but you have to know what will happen if you disobey me or any of my guests. You understand that this is for your own good. Now stand up for me.”


He struggled to stand, which was awkward, with his hands fastened as they were. Everything went dark as she slid a blindfold over his eyes. A gentle push on his back and he was bent over the bed.


“I wish I could tell you that this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you, but that simply is not the case.  I am going to give you ten swipes with a horse riding crop. Please bear in mind that this is one of my more gentle punishment tools. Don’t be afraid to cry out; you don’t have to prove how brave you are.”


She released his arms and told him to stretch them out in front of him. His heart was beating fast, and he was beginning to sweat. He knew he could stand and was strong enough to stop her, but something in him was stopping that from happening. Somehow, this excited him. The proof was in the ***ful crushed erection in the leather cup. 


He jumped and yelped as the first blow fell squarely on his exposed backside. Each blow seemed to get harder, and his yelps got louder. He moved his hands back to cover his burning arse after the faith blow, only to receive a stinging whack between his shoulders and was ordered to put them back.  By the tenth blow, he was sobbing and sore. 


Ms. Audrey gently laid the crop on his back and told him to stay put.  She went to the bathroom and came back with a tube of cooling cream which she applied to the welts on his butt. 


“There, isn’t that better.” She whispered. “You were such a good boy; well done.” 


She continued to rub the soothing cream into his butt. As he calmed down, he felt his cock try and push its way out of its leather prison.  Without a word, she pulled his arms back behind him, fastened them to the belt, and then had him stand.


“Now you’ve gone and got me all excited again, you naughty boy.” She teased.


He looked on as she stripped off her silk bed clothing. She rubbed her hands on his chest, then leaned in against him. She kissed his neck, and he could feel her breast pushing against him. There was w hot wetness as she parted her legs slightly and brushed against his thigh. 


“What do you think we should do about that? Eh, Mr.?” She whispered huskily as she pulled his head down to her breast.


 She guided his mouth to her nipple and instructed him to suck. She went on to instruct him to lick and gently nip and pull the nipple with his teeth. She repeated it all with the other breast. 


She was breathing heavily as she pushed him down to his knees and pulled his face between her legs. He started to lick instinctively as she ground herself against him.

Cool air rushed around his face as she pulled away.  She turned and presented her sizable backside to him and pulled his head forward.


“Kiss it like you love it, boy; show Ms. Audrey how grateful you are to her for taking all this time to train you.”


He did just that. He kissed and licked like he couldn’t get enough. She bent over the bed and pulled her cheeks apart. He shuffled forward on his knees as she pulled on the leash.


“Get your tongue in there, nice and deep; make it all wet for me,” She gasped. “ Oooh yeah, that’s good, fuck my ass with your tongue.” 


His tongue and cheeks were making when she pushed him away. She was breathing heavily. Out of nowhere, she slapped his face. He was shocked but didn’t say anything.  She took something else from the bed and told him to open his mouth. He did as instructed, and something was shoved in his mouth, reaching halfway down his tongue. Then, a strap was fastened tightly around the back of his head.  The blindfold was pulled off. The first thing he noticed was a black protrusion that appeared to be sticking out of his mouth.  


Ms. Audrey appears to be taking something out of the wrapper, taking the protrusion, and sliding a rubber over it. Although he had never seen anything like this before, it became apparent that he had a dildo sticking out of his mouth. Ms Audrey climbed up onto the bed and knelt in front of him, and pulled the leash forward so that the dildo was at her butt. She pulled apart her cheeks and pushed backward. She moaned as the false cock ***d it’s way past her tight sphincter. She pulled on the leash and cried out in pleasure as it entered her ass fully.


“Fuck my ass, boy, Fuck it now,” She ordered as her other hand explored her soaking pussy.


It was awkward for Brett, but he put all his effort into using his head to guide the cock in and out. They found a rhythm, and Ms Audrey moaned as she pushed against him. She screamed as the combination of her fingers and the phallic invader brought her to the point of no return.


She fell flat on the bed, bringing Brett down with her. She moaned into the quilt.


“Fuck that was good.” She sighed.


She gingerly removed the cock from her ass, turned over and unrolled the rubber, and tossed it on the bedside cabinet. Almost without a beat, she pulled Brett's head down and ***d the penis gag into her swollen pussy. She grabbed the back of his head, and, in a lying crouching position, she ground herself hard against him. His neck and jaw were screaming out in *** as she thrust herself upon him. Soon, her juices flooded out as she rode another orgasm. Eyes screwed tight as she shuddered with pleasure. She finally let go of his head and lay there smiling as the mental orgasm, brought on by the thought of this young man, *** and at her mercy,  washed over.


Brett felt her feet on his shoulder as she pushed him off, and he gently slid back down onto his knees with his head resting on the side of the bed to gain some relief from his aching muscles. 

They were both silent, lost in their thoughts as their bodies returned to earth. 


Eventually, Ms Audrey got off the bed, unbuckled the gag, and removed it. He opened and closed his mouth to stretch his jaw. 


“Up, we have to get ready for bed; you have a busy day tomorrow,” She told him.


She could see he was struggling, so she helped him,


“Thank you, Ms. Audrey.”


She smiled at him before leading him to the bathroom. She then undid a buckle at his back, and the cup came loose, hanging from the two straps on the front. 


“You need to pee before bed; you won’t get the chance later.” She told him.


He looked down at his semi-hard cock and said, “I’m not sure if I can” He stood with his legs apart over the toilet and hoped his aim was good.


“What are you doing, boy? Nobody stands and pees in this house; I do not want you splashing stuff everywhere. You will sit whenever you use the toilet. Is that understood? She asked him ***fully. 


“Yes, Ms. Audrey, sorry!”


She turned him around, lifted the hanging cup, and had him sit. She had to push his semi-erect cock through the seat.


“You will sit there until you have done something,” She told him before leaving the bathroom to tidy the bedroom a little.


After a few minutes, he calmed down and began to urinate. It was more relieving than he would have believed. Audrey came back in and asked if he had finished. He told her he had. She put her hand into the bowl and shamelessly shook his now limp dick.


She had him stand, secured the leather cup before leading him into the bedroom, undid his cuffs, and ordered him to lay on the dog's bed in the metal kennel. Once in, he could only lay in a loose fetal position. She had him put his arms to one corner, and she quickly attached a chain through the bars to the manacles on his wrists. She threw a blanket over him, closed the Kennel door, and snapped the catch down. A dark blanket was rolled over the cage, leaving about 2” from the floor for Brett to look out of. 


He listened as Ms.Audrey walked around the room, humming to herself; he heard the bathroom door open and the shower running, the sigh as she stepped under the shower.  It took about 15 minutes before he saw her feet and ankles pass by the kennel. She got into bed, and her cell rang. 


He listened to the one-sided conversation.


“Hi honey”

“No, just got into bed.”

“In the cage”

“Don’t worry, he’s doing fine.”

“No, very responsive, just like you thought he would be.”


They were obviously talking about him, but who was she talking to?


“Cindy will come over tomorrow to help with the room.”

“No, I have clients to see in Weymouth.”

“Yeah, she knows; she’s looking forward to seeing him again; she hasn’t seen him since he was a baby.”

“How are things going there?”

“That’s good to hear. I guess you were right.”

“How much does he know of what’s happening here?”

“That’s probably best; he doesn’t need to know.”

“Is he a natural?”

“Ha, ha, bet that was fun to watch. I like it better when they put up a fight.”

“You do. That will be great. Send me the clip.” 


He heard a ding as she got a text. 


“Got it. Do you want me to put it up on our website ?”

“OK, let me know when you think he’ll be ready. “

I’ll call you tomorrow to let you know how he’s doing.

“Love you too, honey..night, night.


Audrey sighed contentedly and put her phone down.


“Alexa, bedroom off.”  


The room went dark.


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