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Something Is Still Missing: Part 3

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To avoid spoiling the surprise, please do not comment on this story.




He was completely naked, she was in her pale-pink bikini, and he dove under the water with daunting speed. She squealed again, her body filled with a nervous *** as if she were truly in danger. She splashed like a small child, thinking that the more bubbles she made, the quicker she would escape. It made it harder to see her, yes, but he followed the cloud of bubbles and sank beneath the surface after taking another breath. His hips swayed, his entire body rippling head to toe like a mermaid. Only this mermaid was hunting for flesh.


She pulled and kicked madly at the water, swimming quickly despite her clumsy movements, and he tapped her ankle. He liked to play with her, letting her shriek and swim away again before he would close in to scare her all over again. Just like in the bedroom, just like in any part of their life; he was in control. He chose when to tickle her waist, skim her heel or grab her breast for a little bit of fun, and when he would do so, she would thrash away.


He did this for a while longer, waiting for her to panic herself to exhaustion, and then he decided to go for the killing bite. She always loved this part, when they played shark attack! He submerged again with that scary method he had of appearing to not first take a breath, rippling his body and gaining on her. The pool was ten feet deep, and he was easily able to reach the bottom for an underside attack. He saw his target, and then something clicked in his mind. Something was still missing. He broke off his pursuit and rose to the surface, effortlessly lifting himself over the side of the pool to stand on the plastic grating.

“Daddy? Is everything okay?”

“It’s nothing to worry about, Baby Girl. I feel a bit cold, so I am going inside to turn up the water temperature. I will be back in a moment. You keep those breasts of yours nice and wet for me.”

“Yes, Daddy!” she beamed and swished about.


He came back after a few seconds, his left hand clenched, and hopped in.

“Daddy shark is coming for you!” She screamed and they were off again. He stayed under, coming up like he had planned. Her body caught some of the sun’s reflection off the bottom of the pool and it danced over her skin wonderfully. He rushed up to intercept her, and his teeth sank into her neck.

41 minutes ago, LazyPiratesBounty said:


Just... wow!

What is wow? They have technically done nothing sexual since part 1

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