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Prospect D/s 2024 ♾


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Prospect  D/s 2024 ♾

As the old year fades away, A new dawn awaits, my submissive, I say, 2024, a year of dreams set in motion, Where your goals and ambitions find devotion.

Underneath my guiding hand, I'll nurture your desires, help you understand, That your wishes, needs, and wants, Shall unfurl like blooming enchanting plants.

With each passing day, my love, Your spirit shall soar, high above, I, the Oldman dominant, wise and true, Shall be the wind that carries you through.

In the realm of dominance and submission, I'll support your journey, a sacred transmission, Together we'll discover uncharted lands, Where your strength and passion willingly expand.

Your goals, my dear, shall be my aims, I'll stoke the fire that fervently claims, To light your path, with unwavering belief, Empowering you to conquer each leaf.

As the seasons change, and time moves on, Our bond grows deeper, our connection strong, Through whispered words and tender care, I'll ensure your dreams receive their rightful share.

*** not, my sweet submissive, for in my embrace, You'll find solace and warmth, an unwavering place, Where your aspirations shall take flight, Fuelled by my guidance, with all my might.

This year, my love, will be your time, To rise and shine, to reach the prime, For in your success, I find my throne, A reward for both, 'tis our love, known.

So, as we step into this new year, Let's shed any doubts, any lingering ***, Together, we'll conquer the mountaintop, Achieving your goals, never wanting to stop.

Happy New Year, my beloved submissive, May 2024 be the year in which you live, A year of growth, of accomplishments anew, For the Oldman dominant pledges to make your needs, wants and desires come true.

🎩  OsPandoInc    

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Beautifully written. Thank you
2 hours ago, Angelbaby865 said:
Beautifully written. Thank you

You're welcome

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