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Laundry Room (Fan Rrquest - CNC)


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This was written for a fan.



As Adalaide opened her apartment door to leave for work, there was a note just outside the door.


You sound so hot when you cum.


She turned red with shame. Then even redder with rage. 


What the fuck she thought. 


Who and how?


She paused again. Adelaide went back into her apartment to strip the purple sheets off her bed. She came really hard and made a mess. She had just bought herself a new vibrator and really enjoyed it.


She grabbed her bra anf panties that she threw on the floor, still damp from last night.


She went down to the building's laundry room and threw her sheets and black bra and panties into washer.


As she walked down the hall, she felt someone watching  her.  She whipped around, but there was no one there. 


Adelaide walked out of the building and headed to work. 


When got back to her building,  she headed straight to the laundry room to put her stuff in the dryer.


When she entered the room, she was shocked.


Her purple sheets, bra and panties were neatly folded on top of the dryer.


There was a note. 


You put on such a good show for me last night, the least I could do was help you with your laundry. 

I would love to see your bra holding up your big mounds. I would love to see you panties hugging your curvy, thick body.


Adelaide didnt know what to think. She felt like the room was spinning. 


She grabbed her laundry and hurried up to her apartment.  She poured a glass of wine to calm her nerves.


Later in the evening she decided to make her bed and put her sheets on.


A pillowcase was missing. 


She looked around her apartment.  It wasn't there. 

Did she drop it in her haste to get out of the laundry room?


She retraced her steps.


In the laundry room she checked the washers and dryers. Nothing.


Suddenly,  the lights went out and she was pushed up against the wall.


Hand over her mouth and firm body pressed against her.


The voice whispered, you are so sexy and I cannot help myself.


The hand shoved down her pants and rubbed her clit. 


Fuuuuuuck. The voice said.


She started to struggle,  but it felt so good.

His warm body against her soft curves.

His fingers firmly working her clit.

Sucking on her neck.

His hand over her mouth.

She could feel his cock swelling against her leg.


He pushed her pants down a bit and sliding 2 fingers.


She moaned out through his hand and grinded his hips.


Good girl he said


He continued to work her pussy fast and hard. 


He uncovered her mouth as she moaned.


Yes. He whispered.


He took her hand and put it on his cock through his pants.


Squeeze it.


Adelaide squeezed his cock, hard.


She closed her eyes.


She came. Hard. Moaning out as his fingers worked her clutch and pussy, forcing one orgasm on top of another.


She lost sense of where she was.


When she opened her eyes, she was all alone in the dark laundry room.


She hurried to her apartment. Closed the door hard and locked it.


On the kitchen counter was a neatly folder purple pillowcase.



A week went by with no incident or  anything out of place. 


Adelaide didn't even play with her toy.


She went out on Saturday night with her girlfriends and came home tipsy.


She wanted to cum.


She laid in her purple sheets thinking about the laundry room and started to rub her pussy.


She thought about his hand on her mouth. His hands exploring her curves. 


She started to work her vibrator on her clit and moan.


Adelaide was thinking about his hard cock in her hand.


She rubbed her big soft tits as she worked her clothes with her toy.


As she opened her mouth to moan, the tip of a cock was in her mouth and a hand was on her throat.


Suck it the voice said.


She was in shock and hesitated.


The hand squeezed her throat. Suck it.


She sucked the tip of his cock.


Work your pussy.


She moaned on his cock and she rubbed her clit with her toy. 


He grabbed her boobs and squeezed and tugged on her nipples. 


I love your big soft curves. I want to bury myself in you.


She moaned out again.


Cum, he said.


She worked her toy faster

She sucked his cock harder.

He tugged on her ripples.


She exploded.


She came hard and her body bucked and twitched as she came. Screaming out. 


She snapped into a whole new reality as she felt his big hard cock slide into her throbbing pussy.


Adelaide screamed out again as his cock filled her up and stretched her out.


Hand on her throat. The other hand grabbing and squeezing her tits.


He fucked her face to face.


Your pussy is so wet and tight. Wetter and tighter than I dreamed out would be.


His body slapped against hers.

Loud fucking sounds echoed in her room between her moans and his grunts.


He rolled her over on all 4s, and fucked her pussy deep and hard.


Hands on her hips pulling her back.

She have never been filled up so deeply and full a d stretched out.


His cock pumped her pussy hard, but not rough, focusing on her.


Her fat ass slapping against his body.


He slapped her ass. She yelped.


He fucked her harder and deep and faster.


His grunting was in sync with his thrusts.


Adelaide was cumming again as he pumped her harder.


My fucking pussy he yelled out as he came inside her. He grabbed her head and pushed it into the mattress and he pumped her with long deep hard strokes filling her pussy with cum.


Her body vibrated.  She was trying to gather her bearings


She sat up and looked around. No one was there.


She gathered herself and walked into the kitchen.


There was $100 bill and a note that said, if you need a Plan B, on the kitchen table.


A heart and "see you soon

Now I need to change my sheets 🤭🤭
Reminds me of my dreams
11 hours ago, NCTexas77357 said:

Reminds me of my dreams

Tell me about it

I need to move to an apartment! 😜
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