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“You wish to be my exclusive slave.  You are not the first person to make this request, so I’ve come up with the terms I would insist upon for exclusivity.  So far, nobody who claims they want to serve me has agreed to them.  Being my only slave would make them my favourite slave; it sems they wanted to be the favourite without earning that title.

“There will be new cock cage rules.  Instead of promising you release every so many days or for good behaviour, you will stay locked up until I want your cock inside my pussy.  Being exclusive means you won’t have to worry about any other man satisfying me while you are locked away.  I won’t have to worry about it either, because I’ve got a strap-on harness that will fit nicely over your cage.

“This is my favourite dildo; it fits so nicely inside of me and never fails to satisfy my desires.  It fits nicely into the harness, but I don’t think it will fit so nicely up your ass.  We will be using it once a day, but I will let you decide if you want to wear the harness or if you want me to be the one wearing it.

“You know how much I like my orgasms.  I doubt I could go more than a week without one – ten days at the most.  If you want out of your cage you just have to take a week of ass pounding and I’ll be letting you out to have your cock inside of me.  And think how good that will make you feel after your confinement.

“Of course, if you ever refuse to make the harness choice I will be masturbating and you will just be extending your lock up time.  You will still be a slave after all.  You can earn your freedom by denying me orgasms but that only comes at the cost of you taking the dildo; otherwise, I still get my pleasure and you stay locked up.

“Perhaps I should add that if you ever do get your release you will be so thankful for the things I do to you that you will let me lock you up again.  You have served me long enough to know that when I reward my slaves the promise of more rewards later makes them want to serve me more. 

“It’s at this point that the others who claimed they wanted to be my one and only slave changed their minds.  They were all talk and a complete waste of my time.  Some of them were good slaves, but none of them were willing to do what it takes to be my only slave.  If I’m going to tell my other slaves that I will no longer own them then I expect a lot of the one slave that I keep.  They are not allowed to serve me anymore because they sought to deny others the privilege of serving me without going that extra mile. I have no time for such selfishness.

“So, now that you have made the same request you have a choice to make.  Lock on the cage and give me the key if you agree to my terms or never serve me again.  What shall it be?

“Good boy.  We shall inaugurate our new relationship with a nice flogging; even good slaves need to be kept in their place from time to time.  Go prepare the playroom, while I break the news to my former slaves.  I will be helping to place them with other mistresses to serve, so take your time.  I know.  I’ll let you choose which outfit I will wear and you can get it ready for me.  I know your favourites and a proper shine will take long enough for me to settle with my former slaves.”

I would love to be your sex toy and human toilet sweetie
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