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The confession of a catholic


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“Mom, I’ve sinned”. The boy, still a ***ager, stood in front of his mother with his hands behind his back, head bowed, eyes down looking down at his feet. His mom looked up at this, and slowly put the newspaper down. “What have you done now?” She said in a stern voice. The boy swallowed. He didn’t say anything; just stood there and tried to keep it together. “Answer me, boy!What’ve you done?” His mother said in a cold voice. He opened his mouth, and with tremendous effort, managed to speak. “I’ve had sex.” “What?” His mother replies in a harsh voice. “I’ve had sex, mom”. His mom’s eyes widened in shock, and he looked down at his feet still, not daring to meet her gaze. She got up slowly, and walked towards the cupboard, pulling out the drawer and took at a spiked paddle, bullwhip and handcuffs. “Get into the room. Now.” He knew what she meant, but he couldn’t move. His breath started quickening. “Mom.....P-p-please, I’ll repent, I’ll do anything, but please....”. He couldn’t finish the sentence. “Are you disobeying me, boy?” He shook his head frantically. “Then, obey”. 


He was kneeling on a cold stone floor, on a bed of uncooked rice. His face was contorted from the *** in his knees the rice was causing him, and the *** in his shoulders from his hands cuffed towards the ceiling above his head. His mom blindfolded him, and it hit him with that all-too familiar feeling of ***ness and *** he always got. The blindfold made everything so much worse. He could hear her circling him; her high heels could be heard all across the basement. “You’re a godless, rude, unclean boy. You’ve sullied your body, the temple of the Holy Spirit with your infidelity. For that, there’s only one punishment.” He felt the sting of the bullwhip against his naked back 20 times in a row. The child never stopped screaming. “What are you?” His mom asked. His mouth was trembling uncontrollably, his nose was running and tears were running down his cheeks. He shook his head; a sudden feeling of defiance flaring up in him. His mother whipped him again. “What are you?” “I’m......not unclean. I’m not filthy. I just had sex, mom!” He screamed, unable to see through the blindfold.  He felt the burning *** of the spiked paddle hit his bare buttocks, and he screamed again. 30 times, she spanked him, never stopping, not even once”. “What are you, boy? Say it!” He was sobbing uncontrollably now. Loud wails, like a girl’s. He didn’t reply. His mom thrust something long and thick roughly inside of his rear, and he screamed again. He felt the dildo filling his rear completely. He was breathing heavily now. She pulled it out and thrust it back in repeatedly. He made short, feminine screams each time. 

“Admit What you are, boy!” He opened his mouth to say something after his crying slowly subsided. “What, boy?!” She screamed, and whipped his raw, red back again. He screamed. At last he spoke.


“I’m a sinful, unclean, rude boy.”


"barely a ***ager"
Sounds a bit pedophilic.

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