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Remember The Vault?


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New member, btw. Pleasure to have joined. Hello all. A lady friend and I are going to NYC for the new years thing this month. I was also there in '99. Author Claudia Varrin mentioned a club called 'The Vault.' Got to go there. Does anyone happen to know if it still there or has the place relocated?

Its still much open @ 225 E Houston st Manhattan nyc

Meatloaf was doing a benefit concert right in front of the Intrepid the night I was there.

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My lady friend planned our trip and I planned our days once we got to NYC. I remember that 'The Vault' had five floors with different themes. It doesn't exist anymore. Of the three persons associated with it, one became an informant for law en***ment and the other two divorced.

There happened to be other sex clubs in the area I wanted to explore. It had been years since I had been to a bdsm club; years since I'd even dated. My friend is very vanilla. I was breaking her in, warning her about the kinds of activity she could expect, with free condoms and lube. 

Our driver knew Paddles. By the time we had arrived, the driver informed us it was gay men's night on Thursday. So if my gf is getting any thrill, I'd have to remove my cloths and hang out among gay men. Knowing there are bigger dicks and assholes among straight men, I figured I'd be safe. Can't say we didn't try. They wouldn't let her in. Pah! Sexists.

Plan B: Had the driver take us to 'The Labyrinth.' Swingers club with kink. It was anonymously dark, nice couches, porno that tops anything found on the internet. There were mostly single men. The action picked up at 11pm. We were making out in one of the semi-private rooms. This fellow was soon watching us. Rather scared my gf. She's off down the hall and the fellow and I were exchanging 'new years' greetings. Sorry, Joel. 

That place put a smile on my face a fatal heart attack couldn't have removed. It lasted for days. The club had a *** club in Los Angeles near where we live that just opened. I got a card, a web site; we plan to go there.

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