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I am a Producer on The Dr. Susan Block Show. I'm always looking for Performers, Kinksters, Dommes, Subs, Slaves, Exhibitionists, Activists, Artists, Musicians, Comedians, Magicians, etc to come on the show and have some fun. We shoot LIVE every Saturday Night 10pm to 12:15am. If interested PM me your contact information or direct email and I'll be in touch. gives you… is like an appetizing smorgasbord in Inglewood with lots of hot guys to meet up with. Have a look around first if you prefer to see who’s around, or if you know what you want, search by selecting the right category "Kinky Dating”. Nobody stays alone here for long! has tons going on!

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Seattle Rain
Many moons ago, I met an Asian princess on E-harmony. She lived in Seattle, I lived in Las Vegas. A quirk in the system matched our ads as she accidentally entered the wrong zip code. We were perfectly matched, but distance was a problem, so we remained friends via email for a couple Read more…of months. As fate would have it, I had a business trip to Seattle, first week in November but I'd only be staying a couple of days.
I rushed through work, finishing up early and spent the evening with her out on a nice dinner and even nicer couch conversation at her place. She had a dog that was crucial to my success, because the dog liked me confirming for her that I was indeed a good man since his assessment of character was impeccable. The dog decided he wanted a walk, despite the fact it was raining outside.
The rain was a rare affair in November Seattle where usually this time of year it snows. The rain was intermixed with soft wet snowflakes, as if the sky couldn't make up its mind. We walked hand in hand in this mixture of icy rain and wet snow, all the while the dog running around us. We walked passed a condemned building filled with construction equipment and warning signs slating the building for demolition. She asked what I was doing and I told her it was a surprise. We tied the dog up and jump over the fence. A little unknown fact about construction sites is that quite often keys are left in the machines. As luck would have it, one of the mini bulldozers had the keys in it and I taught her how to drive it. Afterwards we quickly ran away, jumped over the fence, grabbed the dog and fled. For a few moments, we were the most brazen of law breakers, like Bonnie and Clyde, fleeing the scene of a high stakes robbery. There is nothing like fun mixed with adrenaline and soon we were nearing her place. I spotted a house that had a stack of firewood on the side and I decided that we needed some. So, I jumped the fence, grabbed a few logs, and left a $10 bill in its place.
A few moments later, we arrived at her place, sopping wet and frozen to the bone. The dog quickly shook himself out as she and I peeled off our wet jackets. She went to turn on the heat but I told her not to. Instead, I put the logs in the fire place and showed her how to make a fire, starting with newspaper kindling and ending in a nice cozy fire. We sat near the fire, and slowly our wet clothes started to dry. I pulled her close to me and we kissed, which immediately set the dog to a barking fit. She laughed and told me to hold on a sec, she grabbed her dog and took him into a back room.
She came back and we returned to our kissing. Her mouth was soft and yielding and it wasn't long until soft moans escaped both our lips. Instinctively we started peeling wet clothes off each other and there was no hesitation as she lifted her arms so I could take off her wet sweater and shirt. Her bra was likewise wet and semi-transparent which made her breasts even more appealing if such a thing were possible. I pulled back an instant so I could admire her, her long jet black hair with a few wet wisps plastered to her face, her nipples showing through her bra, her dark almond shaped eyes staring back at mine. The instant passed and our lips met again. We tore into each other like starving wolves. The kisses grew from soft and tender to hot and passionate, wet like the clothes we continued to peel off each other. But I couldn't get enough of her, I kissed her lips and moved on to the nook of her neck. At this her hands clawed into my back as she grabbed me and fell back, pulling me on top of her. By now we are in our underwear but there is no rush, no time, no space, just our kissing and devouring of one another. I move back to her lips then slowly make my way down her bustline and am happy to discover the bra opens in the front. I barely touch the clasp and her breasts explode out of her bra and I set to work on her nipples, drawing more moans and gasps from her.
A few moments later I kiss my way down to her underwear line where she eagerly lifts her hips so I can slide her panties off. I grab the top of her panties with my teeth then also using my hands slide them off of her. Slowly... while letting my fingertips brush lightly along the sides of her legs. The panties slip loose off her feet and I start there, slowly caressing and kissing a path back up her body. Slowly, ever so slowly I work my way up to the ankles, calf, knee and inner thigh. With every progression I slow, as if time were flowing through molasses. She moans again and I can hear the longing in it, but I continue to tease, my kisses and caresses getting infinitely slower as I kiss my way up her inner thigh. She spreads her legs invitingly while her breaths and moans grow more fervent. Now, I'm at the crease of her inner thigh where the thighs end and her delicate lips begin. And it is here where I start my torture. Like a butterfly, my tongue lightly lands on her lips and clit, barely enough to register. I torture her like this listening to her hard breathing and moans, likewise my hands lightly trace her breasts and circle her nipples turning them hard as pencil erasers. I let the tension build until I sense she can't take anymore, and then I let my mouth land on her clit. She gasps as I gently but firmly take her in my mouth, kissing her clit as if it were a tongue. I start light and then kiss more firmly, letting her gasps and moans serve as my guide until she arches her back. YES that is the pressure she likes. I then spread her lips with my hands so I can better get at her clit and am rewarded by sharp breaths and cries of "Yes, fuck, God, fuck, fuck, Jesus fuck". Then I slowly slip in a finger, find the G-spot and stroke back and forth, as if I'm signaling for someone to "come here". This elicits another arch of her back and her cries double in volume and have morphed into a rising tide of hard fast breathing, grunts, and OOOoooo sounds as I feel the climax coming. I increase the pace of everything and as she draws close combine my lips and tongue into a combination kiss/lick on her clit, focusing the tip of my tongue on her clit while my lips draw the area into my mouth. I lick/rub her clit with my tongue faster than a hummingbirds wings and she explodes. Strong hands grab the back of my head, thighs close around my ears, her back arches, and her OOOOooooo doubles in volume. She then pulls me up to her and hugs me so tightly I can barely breathe.
We stay like this for a few moments until her panting subsides, then she pushes me away at arms length, rotates my shoulders so we reverse positions and slams me on the ground. She looks at me much the same way a feral cat must regard a mouse and I know I'm in trouble. She grabs my underwear and pulls it off me and then does as I did, slowly kissing her way up to my cock. It is torture, I try not to moan but I can't help it. I endure an eternity of torture until she finally puts my cock in her mouth. By now I tell her that I'm close to cumming. She comes up and makes her way back to my head, then rolls us over so we reverse position with me on top. Then she slides back down until she is underneath my cock and takes me in her mouth and grabs my ass in some bizarre ultimate fighter jujitsu move making it impossible for me to get away.
She proceeds to suck the head of my cock in a way I can only describe as magical. It felt as if I were thrusting through different mediums, hot, soft, wet, firm. It was the best blowjob I had ever had, which was obvious as I could not stay quiet. I came like I had never cum before, one of those body orgasms where even your toes curl. I try to rise up, but she only increases her grip on my ass and she keeps sucking while locking me in place. I am helpless and at her mercy. The pleasure goes from a 10 to infinity and I realize I am going to die from pleasure. I literally can’t take it anymore and I beg for mercy, I beg her to stop. But she doesn’t. And I am going to die until my mind figures out one word that will make her stop.
Yes, I faked the pain and she immediately stopped and let go and asked if I was okay. It took a second for me to catch my breath and I reply, “Yes, I’m fine, I had to fake you were hurting me because it felt too good I just couldn’t take it anymore, you were trying to kill me.” She then tried to go down on me again but I held her firmly and said, “You are going to pay for that.” And I traced my way back down to between her legs and I made her pay. My lips and tongue attacked her clit in sweet revenge. She gasped and moaned and arched her back then said, “I need you inside me.” I stopped and reached over for my pants to get a condom when she pulled me up to her face and whispered hotly, “Its okay, I’m on the pill.”
She pushed her hips up into mine and my body responded on its own accord. I slowly entered her, inch by inch. She was tight, wet, and hot, near boiling. If her mouth was paradise her pussy was heaven. I shuddered and gasped as I entered her and she did the same. Slowly our bodies increase the rhythm. Every thrust is pure bliss. I feel every soft moist fold surrender and quiver. Her nails dig into my back, our mouths find each other as we breathe hot breaths into one another intermixed with our grunts and curses of “Oh god-yes-fuck-shit-jesus-Oh-Oh-Ohhh”. We roll over and she rises up into cow girl and does a bounce/swirl combination with her hips, rocking into me with every thrust. I look up and grab her bouncing breasts and it isn’t long until her thrusts grow more urgent and she arches her back, cries out, and collapses on top of me.
I hold her for a minute while she catches her breath. She slides off of me and way lay side by side panting, but only for a moment, then she guides me back to her and we begin again. We move to a spoon that then goes to doggie. She has now reached the point where it is one long orgasm as we do Olympic tryouts on every piece of furniture she owns. She ends up back up top into cowgirl when I feel the pressure build. My breathing changes and she senses I’m close and her rock swirl motion changes to a fast and hard up and down. I feel the dam building up inside me, I fight to hold back the growing tide, but it is a battle I know I cannot win as the sight of her breasts and feel of her hips is too much, and I explode and cry out. My body convulses in rapid fire machine gun bursts and I grab her hips and try to hold her down to stop. To my surprise she grabs my wrists and pins them by my head and I see the devilish look in her eyes as she continues to grind and bounce on top of me. My orgasm has become the starting point to this new build-up of pleasure. Every thrust of her hips makes me cry out as I’ve now enter the realm of after-orgasm. It is the sweetest torture I have ever known, endless pleasure that I know on some primal level will kill me.
But I know what will save me, and I say “Ouch Ouch” but she does not stop. She looks me in the eyes and I can see my trick is not going to save me this time. I am hers and she knows it. I try to overpower her but my body only gives a half-hearted attempt as she pins my wrists down again and grind-thrust-bounces on top of me. The pleasure is too much and I accept my impending death by super orgasm when all of a sudden her thrusts change and she starts to convulse, suddenly, violently, like a lightning strike she rocks back, shudders, then collapses on top of me.
By now we are a sweaty gasping panting mess. We lay entwined while the rain pats gently on the window and the dog barks incessantly from the back room in response to his master’s cries of ecstasy. It is only now, in our exhaustion that we hear the world around us, to include her dog who is now starting to whine. We laugh through our exhaustion and lay side by side staring into each other’s eyes knowing this will never happen again. Her life is in Seattle and mine is a million miles away. But we will always have this moment, in our hearts and minds. A memory that will gently come into being every time either of us find ourselves caught in the rain.
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Cybersex Advice.

Sadly, it seems the vast majority of CyberSex toys are for women, remote vibrating dildos...
Hands free Sex Toys for guys are sorely lacking. SO if you are a girl, then cybersex is awesome. If you are a guy, not so much...
Best option is probably webcamming and masturbating in front of each Read more… other on cam...

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