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Mistress TORA The dollhouse pt3

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Mistress TORA the dollhouse pt3


New doll


Neb stood in front of the mirror listening to mistress TORA degrade the next victim. As he fixed his long brown wig in place. "I need to be Chiana if I am to escape this" Neb thought. "I got to play this just right and take the first chance I get". With that Neb straightend her dress turned to the door and went back into the room. 

" Ah there you are Chiana! We have a new customer. Go to the cupboard and get this one something more fitting" Neb just nodded and went over to the cupboard. The new victim just stared in disbelief as he watched Neb produce another dollsuit from the cupboard. " Am I going to look like that" he said excitedly. " You was not given permission to speak, but yes" retorted mistress TORA. "Chiana take our guest to the changing room" Neb then ushered the excited customer to the changing room. 


Trapped inside


Neb stood by the door waiting for the new doll to appear, mistress TORA was handling the remote control itching to press the button on the unexpecting victim. The door then opened and the new naked doll stepped out. "come here and let me inspect you doll" mistress TORA indicated in front of her. The doll shuffled over nervously. As before she pressed the button and the suit started shaping the body. "Argh" wailed the new doll as the process continued. Finally all went quiet as the reshaping finished and he was now trapped inside….




Writhing around the new doll was trying to free it's self from its sealed rubber body, grabbing for a zip that no longer existed. "stop fighting it, this is what you wanted" mistress TORA laughed "Right Chiana this one needs it's finishing touches and packed for collection, go get eyes and mouth lining. I need to immobilise her" with that she pressed another button and the new doll went rigid and silent . Neb was now at the cupboard, getting a pair of eye lenses and mouth lining. Neb could finally see what this thing was that stopped him speaking. It was shaped to fit around the inside of the mouth, over the teeth and had a moulded tongue. "this is gonna be more difficult than I imagined" Neb thought. 

 By now mistress TORA had moved the chair and had placed the new doll in it. "Chiana come and finish the doll for me" Neb moved over to the chair and looked down at the copy of him self. The new doll was unresponsive, as the immobilisation process renders the victim ***. "go on" mistress TORA indicating at the dolls face. Neb pushed the eyes into place"click click" and then fitted the mouth. The suit reacted and joined the mouth to the lips" Ha Ha done" mistress TORA said with excitement "we just need to pack this one for our customer, you have done well chiana". Neb looked on at the freshly finished doll and felt pitty for their future fate. 


New owner


Mistress TORA had left the room and returned with two men in overalls, and a large box on a trolley. Neb watched as the two men picked up the ridged doll and fitted it into the box."make sure there is a remote control in the box" Mistress TORA said to them. They said nothing,  just nodded and left, pushing the packaged doll off to their new owner. Nebs mind was flipping out, realising this was more than one person involved in this. "There Chiana, we have done well today, and you have earned your keep" Nebs heart sank, knowing escaping was going to be much more difficult. He knew he could be immobilised at the push of a button, boxed up and shipped away somewhere, and sold to a new owner….tbc


That's great the whole knowing what Neb/Chiana had gone through. Very good writing.
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