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On the edge of something devine

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A chasm opens
Her lilting lily nods towards the sun
"Touch me some more...touch me"
Whispers ever more frantic
Oh the hunger of youth.
Stretching, yearning, eagerness
Desire mixed with learning.
Then a sudden sharp breath.
Loves first tremble.
Passions run.
First a judder;
next a twitch
Mouth dry lips part
No return now for this wanton bitch.
She begs me to plunder.
"Be patient my princess"
Her treasures for the taking
Again and again.
She jolts
Hair tossed
A squeel. .delight
Eyes wide
No longer a dream
A lurch to appeal for more.
A puppet in my hands now
Urgent and unrelenting
Cascades of waves salute
Her utter devestation.
I cradle my kitten
A silent soft caress
Her small hands in mine
Tells the story only we understand
Picking her up in my arms
I carry her once more to our familiar land.

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