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My first.

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I was ready to give up

Forget this

Mind games and fakery

I shouldn't have been looking anyway.

I couldn't control this craving

Possess me, command me, I need to be on my knees. 

I'll give it one last try

You were there and I replied. 

I knew it was all about one thing

So I played along and didn't dare

reveal more than I could bare

Your words captured me with no warning

You said you woke early in hope's there'd be message from me. 

And of course there was

Why I couldn't resist, is beyond me.

So I messaged everyday. 

You were slow and patient. 

I was scared and insecure. 

But somehow you got it out of me. 

I can't even remember how it began

Somehow my hand was down my pants 

And I told you, I was so wet. 

Oh how I was.

Then you say, taste yourself.

My breath became erratic and I swear I almost came right then...

..to be continued


"Somehow my hand was down my pants" _ nicely done
I'm feeling it right now..... loving your work good job.
  • 3 months later...

Yeah I bet he did doesn’t even know you I don’t care about you not only want one thing and you’re giving it to him

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