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A bench in the park

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She sat there in the park watching the birds peck at the ground. The wind blew the leaves back and forth across the freshly cut grass of the Park. The sun beat its usual, high noon burn. Even the breeze was a warm slap on the face. A sweat bead rolled down her neck towards her cleavage as she quickly met it with a finger and wiped it away. She took a quick glance at her watch and adjusted it on her arm to cool her wrist.

She pulled her hair up and allowed the air to flow to her hot neck as she held the tresses up. Her eyes scanned the park that was vacant at the moment. The beautiful full oak trees lined around the open center.

The park's benches were scattered along the outer perimeter. A few litter barrels were here and there. The City's sky line towered over the trees, reflecting the sun off its glassed surfaces.

"Where is that stranger?" She thought. "He said i would recognise him by his tall confident manner...and that would be enough"

Ever so softly she felt a kiss on her neck and a smile spread across her face. "There you are." She said.

He walked around the bench, sat beside her and put his arm around her as she let her hair fall. She leaned into him as he pulled her closer and their lips met and kissed. They held each other for a moment, warmth and passion grew between them.

"Hey baby." He said. Leaning and settling into the bench. Glancing around the Park's empty open arena.

She laid her hand on his thigh and gave a little rub back and forth as she tilted her head coquettishly and looked at him, smiling. Her eyes narrowed in a seductive way.

"Ready for me?" She asked, her eyes fluttered and her smile seductive. "We don't have much time."

He looked around and said, "Yeah." He went to get up she pulled him back to his seat and looked him in the eyes deeply, leaning into him.

"No time lover. I mean now?" She whispered.

He had a surprised look on his face as he looked around the park. "Here? Now?" He blurted.

She ran her hand up his leg until she felt the bulge. She rubbed the hump in his pants until she could feel it move. He squirmed a bit to get comfortable as she was now able to get a grasp of his growing mound. His eyes darted from her to their surroundings. She took her other hand and wrapped it around is neck so that she could finger his ear. He looked around the park again as he ran his hand up her bare leg. He inched his fingers sensuously under her skirt and continued to run his hand up her thigh until he felt her panties.

She adjusted herself so that he could get in farther. She closed what little gap there was between them and began licking his neck. She could tell by his swelling that he was highly aroused. His quivering smile was a sign as well. Her tongue twirled behind his ear and down his neck. She pressed her firm breasts into him deeply. Her warm breath on his neck fueled his heated desires.

His fingers fondled to find the puffy form of her pussy under the panties. She reached up and unzipped his pants slowly. He scooted to allow his growing cock more room as she fingered her way into his pants and past his briefs until she felt the warm firm cock throbbing to get room. His eyes glanced around the park for spectators.

His fingers found their way to her wet pussy lips. He fingered the panties to the side and touched her clit. She moved her legs open more as her tongue went deeper into his mouth with a passionate kiss.She was pulling his cock out of his pants as it pounced upwards, she grabbed the shaft and stroked it.

He pulled his head away and looked around to see who might be watching. She grabbed his chin and turned it towards her, looked at him, and said. "Don't worry about them. Take care of me," and she smiled.

Their lips crashed back into each other for a hard and passionate kiss. She raised up as he was just entering her pussy with his fingers then she reached down and pulled her panties off and stuffed them in his mouth. She giggled as she said, "Here, these are for you."

She stroked his cock and he removed the panties from his mouth and put them to his nose and sniffed. "Hummm." he whispered.

She wrapped both hands around his shaft, bent down and he felt her wet warm mouth around his cock. Sliding deeper into her warmness, he surged.

"Oh." He moaned. He could only see a few people around. He watched them as they were all in their own little worlds. His mind soared into ecstasy as she worked her tongue around the head of his dick and stroked his long shaft. It had swollen to the point of exploding.

She came up licking her lips as he gasped for air. She sat up and went to straddle his lap, pulling her skirt down to conceal their act. With her back to him, he grasped her hips. She grabbed his cock and positioned it, so that when she lowered her body it slid into her cunt. Both eagerly pushing as the joining was most accepted. She adjusted herself and sat down as far as she could while he guided her hips and held them tight. She then began to move up and down. Faster and faster, neither cared about any audience by now as they were in the heat of lust. Humping vigorously as she steadied herself with her hands on his knees.

They both were gasping for air as they pressed into each other over and over. She looked around the park and then whipped her hair around wildly as she looked back at him and said. "Oh fuck yes, I'm cumming. Don't stop."

She exploded with wetness and slowed her pace as he thrusted harder. Panting as she reached down, found his balls and squeezed gently. Fingering deeper down to find his muscle between his balls and ass hole and fingered it as he exploded and released his grip on her. She felt the rush of warmness inside her as he quivered and pulsed. She settled a minute to let the swollen cock relieve itself. Licking her wet fingers playfully and then giving him a taste. Placing her fingers in his mouth and working them around. Across his lips then in and out.

She slid upwards and sat next to him as he put his dick back in his pants and zipped up the best he could. She adjusted her clothing and turned to him smiling. She took a quick glance at her watch. Leaned in and kissed him as she got up.

She put her finger to his mouth and said. "Lunch is over. See you at home tonight dear. And tomorrow, same time, same bench."

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