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you're just trash


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"It doesn't matter who you are, inside these walls you're nothing but trash"

She sat in the corner, cuffed to the wall.  Her clothes were filthy and torn.

I'd taken great delight in tearing them. Both with my hands, ripping apart.  But, also with a knife.  The look on her face as I placed the blade on the base of her chest, and spliced upwards towards her throat.

"What are you?" I called to her.
"Nothing but trash," Sir.

I smiled.  There was something satisfying to us both.  Her status, her power, her influence, her ***.  None of it mattered here.  She couldn't buy her way out.

Normally she struts round in perfect make up, but here it is... it was quite water proof and difficult to smudge, but where my piss couldn't make an impact, rubbing some of the rubbish in her face as I emptied the bins over her had.

I feel I'm the type of guy she'd normally make feel like dirt, but here she is - covered in, well, dirt.

I rummaged in her bag.  I wasn't looking for her phone, but I picked it out.  Finger print to unlock.

I took it to her cuffed hand and now had full access to her phone.

She looked nervous.  I accessed the camera and took some photos of her in her state.  "I hope these don't upload to a shared drive" I joked.

I feigned scrolling as if I was reading through her message and social media feeds.  I didn't really care to see them, the *** in her face of what I would do was enough.

I put the phone down. "I wasn't really going for your feeds or your messages" I reassured her, "I mean, you're not really that interesting"

I went and got what I wanted.  Her cigarettes.  There were a few in the box.

I pulled all but one out.
"You're going to be quitting smoking" I told her.  I walked over to her and snapped them and sprinkled the tobacco and other grime all over her.

I went back for the last cigarette.  "Are you ready for your last cigarette?" I asked, she nodded.

I placed it in my mouth and lit up, "We'll share"

I crept close enough. She could smell the cigarette. She could breath the smoke as I blew it on her face. Well, when I wasn't using her mouth as an ashtray.

"Do you feel degraded, worthless?"
"Yes, Sir"
"And what do you say about that?"
"Thank you, Sir"
"I didn't hear you"
She got louder
"Thank you, Sir"
She repeated it over and over again, "Thank you, Sir!"
"Thank you for what?"
"Thank you for reminding me I'm just a dirty disgusting fuck pig"
"Good... well... I'm not going to fuck you today. Not in that dirty cunt.  I might just wank into your shoes so you can walk home reminded of me"
"That would be kind, Sir"
"Well. You've been polite - so I will reward you by having the privilege of walking home with my cum between your toes as you toddle off later in your expensive foot wear"
"Thank you, Sir"
I flicked more ash in her open mouth.
"Do you know the funny thing about this?"
"No, Sir"
"I don't smoke.  I've only lit this cigarette to degrade you with it"

After I finished, I unlocked her cuffs and passed her some bin bags.

"OK, all the rubbish... you know, that I threw over you... put it back in the bags."

I then stopped and watched as the little rich lady was on her knees, covered in trash, shivering and placing rubbish into the bins.

But, if she was shivering now.


I've got the hose ready to clean her off, it's not going to be warm or pleasant.


Oh I say. You have given me some very good ideas. Thank you 😉

58 minutes ago, Aimil2019 said:

Oh I say. You have given me some very good ideas. Thank you 😉

you're welcome :)

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Hi we are Bsquad

Me and my female close friend(partner) have been together and written stories for a number of years. The stories came about because my partner and I found we shared the same discreet fetishes. Neither of us smoke. But stories surrounding the use of cigarettes have featured.  The stories themselves centre around my partner. She is a mature woman, early 40s and a fashionista. Has her own fashion couture business that has private clients for cocktail dresses evening dresses, suits, expensive coats etc. But we get turned on by being caught up in situations where we end mixing with people who don’t care that partner is wearing something expensive and simply smoke around her. But then get careless and their ash drops on her coat or dress. We have been  in situations where she is humiliated and being the wimp I am just have to watch. Once we ended up in rundown council estate flat with around 8 people. Two of the women came into my partner for being all dressed up and humiliated her. Blowing smoke on her and discreetly burned holes in her satin suit. She loved it but didn’t tell those people in the room that. When we got home I had to write a story around the scenario.

Does this give any of you hear ideas or questions for us. My partner is into pm *** for people who like this sort of thing.


I'm totally into writing erotic/pornographic stories. I'm a word-nerd, so half the excitement is finding new and exotic ways to say the same old stuff. I'd love to read some of your work!

Thanks for your response. The stories centre around my very posh partner. She runs a private couture business. Loves being a lady. Being very girlie and always immaculate. We are into ending in situations through being naive. Like we end up going to the wrong  party. So she has been out at a fashion show. Showing off. I end up in a cheap backstreet bar where you meet all those who are living on a rough estate. And so she she rendezvous with me afterwards and to give an example I introduce her to my new found friends. We end up getting in some old van and end up at some old scrapyard with caravans. My partner of course all dressed up. She’s been on the champagne and pretty drunk. So once at the yard we are split up. She ends up in one caravan and I end up in the other. Because I had let slip we are kinky. Three rough looking lesbian dykes take my partner and humiliate her. She hates people who smoke. But she gets turned on being dominated by smokers who don’t like they way she is expensively dressed. She goes all out in that department. We then write stories afterwards of the experience. Kinky I know but we have experienced lots of thrills even at homeless  camps . We have kept discreet from our friends but like sharing our experiences with like minded people. Who sometimes provide us with requests.

Hopefully we'll see some of your work in her.

I enjoyed @eyemblacksheep's story, as well. Excited by being degraded myself, I put myself in her place and loved it.

Being new to this forum still working out where to actually publish any of the stories.

I think I posted one of mine to the wrong forum--the one for leather and kinky clothing. I meant to post it here. It's still under moderation, for some reason--probably because it's in the wrong spot.

I would say this forum right here is great for flashes and short stories.

Thanks so you think my stories about my partner’s experiences can just be pasted here in small chunks at a time and they will be interested in reading what happens to her?

Absolutely! Serial fiction (or noon-fiction) has been a publication trick for years. It keeps me coming back. Maybe yours will keep me CUMMING back!

So Stephanie my partner that’s the alias name she goes under runs a private fashion couture service. She is a mature woman, very elegant, very girly who loves wearing beautiful expensive clothes, mainly in satin and silk. We were thrown together a number of years ago. I was asked to lend a hand, became somewhat of messenger. Go here, go there, pick up this deliver that. She was a right madam. Very aloof. But I learned she was Interested in my ordinary common lifestyle. That I hung out in places that were beneath her. But I got to learn she liked people watching. And began in her own snobby way ask me about the people who frequented the cheap backstreet bars went to. It was what she said that got my attention. You won’t find women like me in those sort of places. And so I asked. What sort of women do you think are in them bars then. She said - well I suspect they are these roughly manly types, with their tattoos and their cropped hair, wearing these awful cheap cotton track suits and them be smokers and drug takers. But I clocked the way she asked thinking she is getting off on this. As time went on I got asked then to be her driver and take her to her posh events and pick her up again. Picking her up was fun as by then she was very tipsy.

Driving her home the conversation every time was where I had been, who had I been with. So I started putting her to the test asking her more about why she had no partner. She didn’t want a complicated life. She liked being her own women. But with her always asking about the men and women I hung out with, I gambled and did a detour this night. She was pretty drunk sitting in the back all expensively dressed. It was a rainy night. When she looked out the window she saw we were in the rundown backstreets. It was way after midnight. But I had some ‘friends’ waiting around who lived in a nearby rundown tower block. I told them all about my ‘lady friend’ and reckoned she was kinky. So they suggested about them meeting her. As I tiurned into the backstreet they waved at me and I waved back at them. Her ladyship in the back of the car said, “Oh, do you know these people?” Yeh they’re friends mine. “Oh my goodness, I was right then” she said. “What? That they are chubby women in cheap tracksuits that hang around here? They are mates of mine.”

i suggested with it being raining that I give them a lift as they don’t live far from this backstreet. “You don’t mind do you. It will give you a chance to meet my friends”

”Well em ... ok if you em must” I pulled up and said to the two women and guy standing on the corner, “ come on we are gonna give you a lift home” the two women with their tattooed thick arms and wearing their stained cheap tracksuits and dirty trainers got in the back and sat on either side of madam in all her finery. The fun was just about to begin.


Stephanie hates Jefferey, but Stephanie needs Jefferey. Jefferey was a project. He was never above the poverty line. Stephanie seen him living amongst - them - those who live in the deprived places. Rundown estates, trailer trash communities, those living at illegal camps. Then she saw Jefferey. Ugly down trodden Jefferey. A weak link amongst his kind. Being picked on. But he was street wise. He knew all the bad people. But was able to stay onside with them. At times he would get his free booze, his share of baggies and smokes and dirty *** in his pocket. 

Stephanie was a people watcher. Slipping into the back streets late at night in her black Mercedes coupe. Parked in a dark corner. She learned the layout. All the bars here were sleazy. She was well above all this. But her fantasy was sailing close to the wind of becoming  reality. Stephanie got turned on by these people. To her they were rough, smelly disgusting, not trustworthy, and through watching how they behave saw them in a second take out their evilness on the next person. You wouldn’t want to mess or get on the wrong side of these  big butch ugly woman she secretly watched on these backstreets. And as for the men, they looked filthy, evil and corrupt. 

Something  attracted her to Jefferey. She thought? Get close to him, offer him something and she can learn more about their thoughts? Stephanie was curious? What if she let herself get close to these people? Even engineer them into having a hold over her. What then if she offered Jefferey a job. Handy man, driver, messenger working for her. So she waited on the moment. Approached Jefferey when he was on his own and offered him the position. No strings attached. But over time Jefferey was learning that she loved fantasising. That she visited forums. And she had begun asking Jefferey about the cheap bars. Those places he STILL visited even though she had employed him. So a leopard never changes its spots! So does he talk about her to THEM - those people, those degenerates who live on being street whores, junkies and bums. What does he say about her to them? This fashionista who is fixated on looking her best - always - dressed super expensively. Owning her own private fashion company with an elite list of clients. Stephanie deliberately teases Jefferey - a lot - to give him the conversational material he needs to then be the big man amongst those he ***ed all the time when he was living rough. And by doing what she was doing Stephanie began to learn that Jefferey was being bullied and blackmailed. Because his jealous lowlife friends fancied getting into this rich bitches fancy knickers?

Tbey had summed her up! She’s a teasing kinky cunt who gets off on listening via Jefferey how they live their lives. Then she goes home to her luxurious mansion and gets that diamond Tiffany dildo out and fantasises about them and what they might do to her. The thrill of playing that snobby role of - look but don’t touch - you are not allowed. Do you know how expensive the clothes are that she wears? And what? You think you can just sit next to me and chat me up. Their crude language makes her shudder and makes her clutch her designer evening bag close to herself. But she goes home and at their expense she is frigging off in her luxurious bed and these ugly bastards are not getting a shot at her. Time to have a word in Jefferey’s ear. He owes his mates from the old days. He best get them an introduction. Jefferey is a soft touch. What? Your letting this fucking rich bitch simply tease you and fucking giving you the runaround? Let us take her downa peg Jeffery. You have always liked just fucking jerking off and watching eh .... eh .... you fucking like that eh! Hey Jefferey have ye jerked off into any O the cunts expensive knickers yet. Get some photos of her. We wanna see this bitch. You gonna let us play with her Jefferey? We can make her do stuff man!! You like big Sylvia, fucking Fat Brenda an Dirty Mig. What if we say you get them for free now eh .... an her smokes an yer baggies eh ... just get us this fancy rich fucking kinky fashion lady ... right?

She's playing a dangerous game in this one! Yowza!

Hey, these might get better visibility of your parts them in this forum as thier own thread. They definitely deserve to be read by more than just my best little eyes, that's for sure!

Looking forward to the next one, brother! ...and maybe bumping into Stuffy Stephie in a dirty drunk alley some night!

What would you do with snooty Stephanie ? She hates getting her clothes messed up but I know if she’s told best let this happen or else ? This is the thrill she seeks for her fantasies. Do you think I should copy my snippets over to where I started the main thread then

I sincerely think each of these stories deserves it's own thread, yes. Absolutely.

We have taken your advice and put this in the BDSM Stories and Kinky Confessions section under story its main thread heading now. I can see now that it would build up better there. I have been adding to it and will just steadily add to it so that readers get to understand where this all comes from. Thanks.

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