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Banana insertion by special order

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"I promised to update you Mr Panther on my experience...so.here goes...

After I was finished my bath, I got dressed in my silk blue nighty, fixed my hair and swiped some lip gloss on my lips for good measure. I will confess that I was initially feeling silly about getting dressed up to get off, but when I was done the prep I was pretty horny and eager to get on with my task. My husband of course got the wrong idea about my bedtime appearance. I spent the time waiting for my kids to fall asleep trying to avoid his advances. You only have yourself to blame for him grabbing at my tits and ass. Will any apology on your part be forthcoming? (playful joke) Secretly, it was kind of fun to turn him down when it was so obvious he wanted me.

When the moment came to actually "abandon my inhibitions" I was seriously considering backing out. To be honest I was downright scared about being caught. This task was outside of my comfort zone and in the moments leading up to it my emotions were rapidly fluctuating and not in a favourable direction. What I really longed for was for you to be there with me.

I chose to fuck myself wild in the bedroom. Although, your suggestion to use the dining room table brought back some old memories. I once had to explain to my parents how the kitchen table got broke. I went with the excuse I was changing a light bulb. : )

I imagined that you were sitting in a chair at the end of my bed in nothing but your jeans. One leg propped up on your knee. Hands resting lightly on the arm rests. An arrogant smirk on your face. You didn’t say or do anything but patiently wait for my resolve. And that was what did me in. That image of you pushed me over the edge and for a very brief moment I didn’t care about the who, what, why, when or where, I just wanted to cum for you. Or rather for us, as you so eloquently put it.

Once I started playing with myself it didn't take long for my pussy to be sopping wet. I loved your mushy banana suggestion so much that I couldn't resist using one to get off. I hope that pleases you. I don't think I could have been quiet if I wanted to be. The feeling of the fruit phallus was incredible. Every other word out of my mouth was Daddy, although I can't recall any specific phrases. I was reveling in the sensations and can't recall much else. My orgasm was intense and sadly over too fast. Thank you, Daddy.

Turns out my husband was outside shoveling the snow at the time and I didn't need to worry. Had I been caught I would have been mortified but I'm not entirely sure I would have stopped.

I was a bit disappointed that you had stipulated that afterwards touching was forbidden. I would have liked some time to enjoy the sweet moments afterwards gently petting myself while I took in your scent.


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