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Groggy morning


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That morning I woke with the sudden realization that she had left. She couldn’t have been gone long, there was still a spot of drool on my chest from where she laid her head all night. And what a night it was. It couldn’t have been real. I rolled over on my stomach during a very satisfying stretch and my face nestled into the pillow her hair was on. Her smell, it still lingered. It drove me insane. I don’t blame her for leaving, she urged me to be myself. She toyed with the beast inside of me. All that time she played hard to get, she turned it into a game for him. She ***d him out of me, with those nails. Those fingernails... that’s why my back feels like it’s on fire. I can only assume the lines of dried up *** on my sheets are from the claw marks on my back.

I stumbled up and out of bed, still a bit groggy and made my way to the bathroom. She must have been in one hell of a hurry. Her tooth brush was sitting on the edge of the sink. Mmm, dirty girl I thought. I don’t blame you, I know where that mouth has been.

Where the hell did I put my shirt? I dont remember at what point in time that got lost, I’ll retrace my steps, I’m kind of hungry anyways. I made my way down the spiral staircase and almost slipped on my boxers. Really? (I thought) you’re not that graceful, how did you manage to make that happen going up the stairs. Mmm something smells good. As I walked past the couch in the living room something rubbed on my head. My pants were hanging from the ceiling fan. I chuckled softly and brushed them aside as I shook my head. That smell....

Why is the door open? I walked past the kitchen and over to the front door. I peaked outside to see if anyone had just left.

I don’t know what the neighbor is cooking but DAMN I want some.

I was rubbing my eyes with my hand as I turned the the corner into the kitchen. When my eyes opened there she was. Standing there in nothing but my button up shirt, unbuttoned. My shirt hung off of the seemingly perfect contours of her gorgeous body. Her beautiful red hair rippled over the collar of my shirt like a crimson waterfall. Those eyes, those big, sultry yet innocent eyes... they were so devilish last night. She looked up at me, holding a plate, she had cooked breakfast. I took the plate from her, and placed it on the counter. I put one hand on her hip, and drew her in close as my other hand pulled her head closer to mine. I could feel the tension leave her body as my lips softly touched her forehead.


Wow...you need to write erotic books ill read them in a second!!!

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